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Elena Nikolskaya
Brussels ā€¢ ENFP
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Bio: Business Analyst in IT, former Project Manager, looking to be more creative in my daily work
Laura Faint
Berlin ā€¢ INTJ
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Bio: AJ&Smart | Workshopper: We teach people how to become high-paid workshop facilitators
Jonathan Courtney
Berlin ā€¢ ENFP
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Bio: I'm the CEO of AJ&Smart, a company that helps other companies with their product strategy
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Chris Bradshaw
šŸ§­ Strategy Director šŸ’” Innovation Consultant šŸ„· Master Facilitator šŸš€ Startup Advisor šŸ¤“ Multi-Agency Founder šŸ§™ā€ā™‚ļø Advisor šŸ¶ Dog Enthusiast

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