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Design Thinking Slide-Deck + Full 2 Hour Session Recording
Hey there! My team and I just launched a 2-hour, step-by-step Design Thinking video + slide deck + resources, all for free! If you've ever wanted to run a Design Thinking session for your clients/team but didn't quite know how it should look, here you go! This video was super difficult and expensive to produce, so the only thing I ask is that if you find this useful, please share it, leave a comment (on youtube) or a like, or maybe... all of those things??? It helps us to know whether we should make more things like this or not. The slide deck + other resources: Enjoy the video! ----> Cheers, Jonathan
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very generous
Selling a workshop
Hey all! I’ve started reaching out to friends who run small teams to pitch them on running a LDJ recipe workshop for their team. One friend is wanting details of how the workshop will be ran because I’ve pitched mainly outcomes. The document i sent over did not convince her. How do you all feel about pointing someone to the LDJ video while focusing on selling me as the facilitator? I explained that I didn’t come up with the framework but I didn’t show them how to find it themselves online either. Thanks for your feedback here. I attached the document I sent to them.
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Love this chat learning so much
I accidentally created a "how to" guide for Design Sprints
A few years ago I decided to learn more about Design sprints by reading the Sprint book by Jake Knapp and watching some of the videos created by AJ&Smart. While doing this I made some notes. Last week I was looking back at my notes and realised they actually make quite a nice guide for anyone who wants to learn more about Design sprints or even run one themselves. The notes consist of my written notes as well as links to all the videos (in order) that I watched. I decided to publish my notes here for anyone who is interested. Let me know in the comments if you found this useful or if you think there is enough there for you to run your own Design sprint with them. You can of course contact me directly too if you have any questions 😀
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Generous share
DISC specific energisers/activities
Hey legends, I'm running a DISC session in 10 days with a small C suite group. Have a few but looking for more DISC based energisers or practical activities. Would love to hear any ideas or go-tos you use. Thanks
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@Raj Mehta Such as great idea
🚨Dealing with Workshop Haters - Any Tips or Tricks?
Hi Facilitators 👋 I'm reaching out because I'd love your insights on this challenge: individuals who hate the idea of workshops. These 'anti-workshop' individuals don't seem to see the value in our sessions and are often quite vocal about their disinterest or dissatisfaction. To understand this perspective better and find ways to address it, I'd like to gather insights from you. 👉 Specifically, I'd love to know: 1. What are some reasons you've come across for people disliking workshops? Are there any common themes or specific complaints that stand out? 2. How have you responded to these 'anti-workshop' sentiments? Are there any strategies or techniques you've found effective in engaging these individuals, alleviating their concerns, or demonstrating the value of workshops? Our goal isn't to convert everyone into a workshop enthusiast, but rather to ensure that our sessions are as inclusive, accessible, and beneficial as possible, even to those who might initially be skeptical or resistant. By understanding the roots of 'anti-workshop' sentiments, I believe we can better address them and improve our practice. I'm looking forward to hearing your experiences and insights. 💛 Thank you in advance for your contributions to this discussion 💛
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Hello all, I agree with the comprehensive insights shared already. Another lens to consider is one of personalities. Introverts really struggle in group environments and being asked to respond without time to consider options. They also don't enjoy working with others that they haven't built trust with. Maybe this is their hidden motivation of why they seem to be resistant.
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