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I accidentally created a "how to" guide for Design Sprints
A few years ago I decided to learn more about Design sprints by reading the Sprint book by Jake Knapp and watching some of the videos created by AJ&Smart. While doing this I made some notes. Last week I was looking back at my notes and realised they actually make quite a nice guide for anyone who wants to learn more about Design sprints or even run one themselves. The notes consist of my written notes as well as links to all the videos (in order) that I watched. I decided to publish my notes here for anyone who is interested. Let me know in the comments if you found this useful or if you think there is enough there for you to run your own Design sprint with them. You can of course contact me directly too if you have any questions šŸ˜€
Benedict Odjobo
Kiran Chauhan
Fredrik Norling
Brendon Cappelletti
D Darren MacDonald
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@Brendon Cappelletti glad you like it
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@D Darren MacDonald Ha Ha! I think I will dig it out and start wearing it again!
Career Tip: People can tell you're using Chat GPT āŒ
Hey Workshoppers! Just thought this might be a useful tip/warning for those of you using Chat GPT a lot: It's pretty easy to tell when someone's using it! I see a few posts here in the community which I'm 100% sure were "generated" and they not only lack any sort of personality, but they also get no engagement. As in, nobody replies to them, they just take up space. The same thing will happen if you email people/clients, create posts on Linkedin etc. They won't respond. Believe me, I get 50 messages a day on Linkedin trying to sell me stuff/get a job and I can always tell when they are Chat GTP generated. You're writing needs to have some personality and authenticity for people to care enough to interact with it. Sure, I get it, if you're non-native English speaking, it's super helpful to be able to use something like this... but to be honest, I think it's better to just write how you write and then use Google Translate. So yeah, just a note to those using it as a "silver bullet". It's very obvious, it's not enjoyable to read and it can make you come across as being very dull. Cheers, Jonathan
Danny Mallinder
Julia Carolina
LaYinka Sanni
Marlyne Pierce
Hassanein Ismail
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@Danny Mallinder Dear Jonathan, Thank you for your valuable tip regarding the use of Chat GPT. I appreciate your insights and the reminder to maintain authenticity and personality in our written communication. Your contribution to the community is highly appreciated. Best regards, Kiran
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If you use ChatGPT enough (or even just a bit) you will start to recognise it's style of writing and tone of voice. I do use it (for a variety of different things) and have also used it to *help* me with things like LinkedIn posts but I always take the bits of it I like and then re write it in my own style OR I am inspired to write about something because of something ChatGPT gave me. ChatGPT is useful in the same way that Lightening Demos are useful. They both have the ability to inspire or give a head start in whatever it is you are trying to do. I would say use ChatGPT if you like BUT developing your own tone of voice is important and you can only do this if you practice writing. Once you get closer to a writing style that "feels like you" it just becomes easier to write anyway.
Are you an expert in virtual facilitation tools? (šŸ¤‘ opportunity)
Hello FC friends! I'm looking to pay somebody who is super skilled at using the latest and greatest of virtual facilitation tools to help me level up a 3.5-hour workshop I'm designing for a client in June. 95% chance this is run on Zoom, so please keep that it mind as we can't easily pivot to a whole new tool (e.g. Butter). If you are interested, can you fill out this form?
Hina Nisar
Jakub Michalski
Venus Wong
Benedict Odjobo
Connor Swenson
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Sounds interesting! I've sent my details your way šŸ˜€
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