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Cold Email Coaching Call
Yoyo hope you guys are doing well, today we are hosting a cold email group coaching call at 12PM EST. I’ll be answering any questions you have regarding List building, script writing, DNS setups, Inbox management, offers/angles etcc… Looking forward to see ya ✌🏻 Here is the link:
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The truth about cold email results
Cold email lead generation, just like any other form of marketing, has a lag when it comes to results. It’s not an overnight success from when you start campaigns. Cold email is very slow to start since you first have to “warm up” the new email accounts for 14 days, then you need to start slow with sending 5 emails per day per email account, ramping up little by little every week until you reach 30 emails per day per email account. Also, most cold email replies come from follow ups, which drip out over the course of 30 days after the prospect receives the first email in your pre-written sequence. And even when they do reply, they don’t book a call right away. Sometimes, it takes dozens of follow up emails over the course of days, or weeks, and sometimes even months to convert a positive reply to a call on your calendar. And lastly, after working with over 1,000 B2B businesses to do cold email lead generation for them, we learned the average length of the sales process for leads from cold email is at least 30 days. Meaning from the day the call booked from cold email actually happens, if it were to result in a deal closed, it would take around 30 days for it to actually close. So all in all, you must be patient with results. If you're banking on getting results early on, you risk not being able to maintain a cold email lead generation system which is unfortunate for you since you did most of the heavy lifting in the first 30 days and because you quit right before it was about to get good. Anyways, the actual KPIs to track are open rate (70%), reply rate (5%), positive reply rate (10%), call booked rate (30%), and close rate (20%). With these stats, if you reach out to 10,000 new leads per month, you should be able to book 10 calls and you should be able to close at least 2 of them. Other KPIs to track would be “time to response” which is how long it takes for you to reply back to positive replies. This will directly impact the “call booked rate” KPI.
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Steal ListKit's cold email strategy
Every single time I get asked... "What cold email strategy should I test? I just can't seem to get results... Nothing is working." My answer is always the same. Give away a free lead magnet. And no, not some templated PDF guide you threw together in 15 minutes. Make the lead magnet personalized, and make sure it's actually valuable. We've used the "50 free leads" lead magnet for ListKit's cold email campaigns... Over, and over, and over, and over, again. I think we've sent out more than 2,000 "50 free leads" spreadsheets at this point. If you're confident in the product or service you're offering, offering a free lead magnet is a no brainer. Think about it like this: Without a lead magnet, you're operating on a perfectly level playing field with everyone else in your prospects' inbox. Even if you're a far superior service provider... In the prospects' eyes, you're just as good as the next person in their inbox. A valuable lead magnet gives you a massively unfair advantage, and you'll start converting sales calls and closed deals much easier. Here's the easiest way to create a valuable lead magnet: - Map out every part of your service - Figure out which parts can be turned into a "sample" for prospects - Turn the most repeatable, efficient one into your lead magnet A few great examples: - Free Klaviyo email design  - Free short-form video clip - 50 free B2B email leads  - One SEO-optimized blog - One Facebook ad creative 
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Super helpful
CTA's Are How You Actually Get Results
You have to lead someone in your email copy if you actually want them to hop on a call or try your service. Too often too many people's copy is very vague and unclear and they wonder why they don't get results. Saying "I have a 50 step guide on how to XYZ... thoughts?" literally means nothing to nobody. What are they supposed to say to that? "Cool👍" We've all heard lead a horse to water, but can't make them drink, but YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO LEAD THEM FIRST! What are the next steps... if you have a lead magnet cool... don't say "thoughts?" say "would you like this guide?" It gives a clear answer... either yes or no. Also have your CTA make sense, don't offer to take them out to lunch if you're in a completely different state. If you make the CTA clear and make the CTA make sense to what you can ACTUALLY deliver on then you'll see a boost in results.
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Fire bro!
Let us verify your leads for you
If you have a list of leads you need to verify, drop a comment with your .csv file... We'll use ListKit's verification tool to verify them for you for free! Just reply back with a .csv file of the leads you need verified and we'll handle it from there.. And we'll send you the "good" emails once the verification is done. As a reminder, ListKit's leads are Triple-Verified so you don't need to do any additional verification... But if you have leads from a different data platform, a list of newsletter subscribers, CRM emails, or an old list you want re-verified... We've got you covered!
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