You called?
Wanna know the single most effective way to book more calls from your cold email campaigns?
Calling up the prospects who respond positively to your email.
It takes less than 60 seconds to grab the prospects' number from their email signature, call them up, and set up a time for a formal sales call.
Plus, the script is already outlined for you:
"Hey Bob, This is Andre, you just responded to my email about 8 minutes ago.
Would love to discuss this further over a formal phone call, how does tomorrow at 1 PM EST work on your end?
2 is better?
Ok great, I'll go ahead and pencil you in.
Talk then Bob!"
Far less time and effort than following up over email 6 or 7 times waiting for a response.
Sure, it might be a bit nerve wracking the first few times you do it, but once you get in a groove you'll start setting appointments left and right.
If the prospect doesn't have a phone number in their signature, you can get their number from ListKit with our mobile number data!
Christian Bonnier
You called?
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