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We need your help...
We're making some big decisions at ListKit, and we want your input on what direction to move in. Since we're fully bootstrapped with $0 in outside funding, we don't answer to investors... Or shareholders... Or a board of directors... The only people we want to leave a good impression on is you, the ListKit customer. And we want your feedback! The first 50 ListKit customers to fill out this survey and give feedback on our pricing and your overall experience using ListKit will get a cash prize (more details at the end of the Typeform)! Fill out the survey here: Thank you for your support ❤️ Andre & The ListKit Team
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@Benjamin Loki legend that'd be super helpful I'll have my team send you an email to set up a call thanks!
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Thank you ALL for the amazing feedback and support! Over 100 responses already! WOW 🤩 The gift cards are gone, but we'd still appreciate your feedback!
ListKit <> Zapier integration is LIVE
ListKit's Zapier integration is now LIVE! Here are the supported trigger steps inside ListKit: - Email Order Completed: Triggers when an email order is completed. - Verifier Order Completed: Triggers when a verifier order is completed. In simple terms, once your email or verification order is ready, you can trigger a Zap that'll automatically send your leads to another platform like Hubspot, Salesforce, Instantly, and more! For example, let's say you build a list of marketing agency owners for an Instantly campaign... Now you can send those leads directly to Instantly with a simple Zap! No more dealing with spreadsheets. Or, let's say you want to enrich some CRM data with our Email Verifier... Once the verification is done, the valid emails will be zapped right back to your CRM hands-free. Pretty cool, right? Here's a quick video from one of our Onboarding Specialists, Bryce, explaining how to set up the integration step-by-step inside ListKit You can read more about this massive product update here: Happy Prospecting! Andre & The ListKit Team
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@Mehandi Islam no sir, Smartlead is a native integration, follow the guide here:
Beginners ask me your Q's!
Hey guys I'm Isaac i started in the cold email game a little less then a year ago and since then Have it 10K/m+ in the space I'm also a Advisor inside CA (join btw best business decision you'll ever make) I'm here if you need help with anything pertaining to Cold email and will be here to keep you guys on track to make sure your hitting your goals in your agencies. Please reach out if you need any help or if you are just getting started or just want clarity on the next moves and want help mapping out your next steps and what you want to achieve before joining CA book a 1-on-1 roadmap call here: LFGGROOOOOOWWWW
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let's growwwwwww 💰🚀
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$5,000 Mastermind event for FREE
We recently hosted a Mastermind event for our coaching program, Client Ascension... People from around the world were in attendance, paying $5k for a ticket to attend 💰 At the event, one of our cold email expert coaches, @Matt Lucero, gave a presentation on "Cold Email Strategies That Convert in 2024" so much so, they have produced 1,276 calls booked so far! 🤯 He went in depth on all the campaign strategies that are currently booking calls for him and his clients: - Industry Campaign - Linkedin Company Follower Campaign - Technology Usage Campaign - Social Media Follower Campaign - White Label/Partner Campaign - Location Campaign - Hiring Campaign We truly want every single user of ListKit to get the best results possible with cold email, so we're making this presentation available to you for FREE 🫶 You can access it in the classroom section now! 👉 Along with the presentation slides here! 👉 Happy Prospecting! Andre P.S. If you haven't signed up for ListKit yet, what are you waiting for?! Close your next deal with our database of 500M+ Triple-Verified email and mobile number leads! 👉
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@Robertdon Witwiski hahahahaha
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@Mike Stock enjoy!
ListKit + Instantly/Hubspot
If you're using ListKit + Instantly for sending emails or Hubspot for a CRM, please DM me so I can show you something cool :)
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