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Edit Existing Searches?
So basically I create a search right, and then I place an order, let's say I export 1K emails. Then I use the leads for a month or so and I want to place another export order, but I want to make edits to the initial search, is there a way to edit the original search? I know I can "Re-order" - but what if I want to place a very similar order, but like, change on parameter? Asking because this happens to me constantly, I end up needing to go back and rebuild all the filters every time. Any help would be appreciated!
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Last Call For Alc
Just kidding there is no A L C H O H O L in the meeting. But we will be going over your email stratgey and questions in 5 minutes so join up... @channel
Your Newest Onboarding Specialist!
Hi everyone, my name is Walid Neouchi, the new Onboarding Specialist at ListKit! I'm excited to have joined the team and eager to help you all achieve success with your lists. Looking forward to meeting each of you through our 1-on-1 sessions!
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I am thrilled to be part of your community and appreciate the warm welcome! Let me introduce myself: I am a GoHighLevel expert with extensive experience in website design, sales funnels, automation, CRM, reputation management, and white labeling. DM me if you need my services.
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Connecting With Other AI Agency Owners
Hello! I'm Mert, a co-founder of Monk Media Hub, an AI Automation Agency based in Istanbul, Turkey. We focus on helping small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses automate their systems and processes with Al technology. We help e-commerce businesses save time and boost profits with custom AI solutions. I would love to connect on LinkedIn and share ideas! Here's my profile link: I also just set up my Twitter account and will regularly share things I find valuable:
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