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Do I need listkit pro or scale?
For cold email lead gen, currently using 30 domains.
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I'd recommend the scale plan my man!
You called?
Wanna know the single most effective way to book more calls from your cold email campaigns? Calling up the prospects who respond positively to your email. It takes less than 60 seconds to grab the prospects' number from their email signature, call them up, and set up a time for a formal sales call. Plus, the script is already outlined for you: "Hey Bob, This is Andre, you just responded to my email about 8 minutes ago. Would love to discuss this further over a formal phone call, how does tomorrow at 1 PM EST work on your end? 2 is better? Ok great, I'll go ahead and pencil you in. Talk then Bob!" Far less time and effort than following up over email 6 or 7 times waiting for a response. Sure, it might be a bit nerve wracking the first few times you do it, but once you get in a groove you'll start setting appointments left and right. If the prospect doesn't have a phone number in their signature, you can get their number from ListKit with our mobile number data!
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Need help with ListKit's Zapier integration?
If you're non-technical (like me LOL)... Let us know if you need help setting up ListKit's Zapier integration inside your account! Drop a comment down below and we'll get you setup
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Following the "2:1 Rule"
If there's one piece of advice that'll transform your cold email copy overnight... It's the "2:1 Rule". The rule is simple: Speak about the prospect TWICE as much as you speak about yourself. Here's an example: "We can help YOU boost YOUR email sales by 25% with Plain-Text Emails." 2 "you" to 1 "we". This isn't a make-or-break kind of rule... If your ratio is 5 "you" to 3 "we", that's fine. But it's a great rule of thumb. I'll see people open their cold emails speaking ONLY about themselves... "We're an award winning marketing agency with 10 years of experience and our 3-step growth process is world-renowned. "3 "we" to ZERO "you". No good. "You can boost your sales by 55% with our renowned Growth Process. "2 "you" to 1 "our"... Much better. Newsflash: Unless you're Gary Vee or Russell Brunson, no one cares about who you are or what you've accomplished... They care about what you can do for THEM. Go implement this rule when you write your cold email copy, and watch how much better it performs!
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3 inbox management tips you need to use
One of the biggest cold email mistakes I see all the time is celebrating too early. Tell me if this sounds familiar: You get a positive reply to your cold email, you get that instant rush of dopamine, and you feel like you've won. Except there's only one problem... You didn't book the sales call yet. Positive replies feel good, I get it... It's validation that your campaigns are working. But there's still work to do. Here are 3 inbox management tips that'll help you convert those positive replies into booked calls: - Book the call in as few emails as possible Don't talk yourself out of the call.If a prospect asks for more info, send them the info they asked for... And then ask them what time works for a quick call to discuss further. The easiest way to derail a good cold email conversation is to keep the conversation in the inbox. Your only goal once you get a positive reply is to convert that reply into a call. So if you're sending more information or case studies, also include a CTA to get on the phone as a next step. - Never state your pricing over email If a prospect asks for pricing, don't come out and give it to them. There's never a scenario where stating your pricing is beneficial to you. The prospect will either A) think you're too expensive or B) think you're too cheap and assume your work is low-quality. Lose-lose. Instead, say "Our pricing is highly flexible based on your needs and how quickly you're looking to grow." Save pricing talks for the sales call! - Never send a calendar link The prospect is finally ready to book a call... Mission accomplished, right? Not yet. The last thing you wanna do is shove a calendar link in their face and wait for them to book. Instead, say "Great, tomorrow at 1 PM and 3 PM EST work perfect for me, does either time work with you?" Or, if you want to get a little aggressive, book a time in and say "Just booked you in for 1 PM EST tomorrow - let me know if that works with you!"
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