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Allow members to pay annually (with a discount)
I keep thinking of ideas to make Skool work better and better for community owners. As a growth marketing consultant, my tool of choice to grow any business is paid ads to get traffic and a video to convert the traffic into paid members. To this mechanism work for low ticket offers (let's take $99 p/m as an example), one must ensure that most members stay in the community for longer than a single month. This is to increase the value of a lifetime customer. So if on average, a single member stays in your community for 10 months, the lifetime value of your customer is $99*10 months = $990 for a $99 p/m offer. Now, to grow a community with paid ads, it's not ideal if you have to wait 10 months to make that amount of money because to get a paid member via ads... you have to pay the ad platforms instantly. aka pay to play. However, here comes the idea: If you have the option to give your members the choice to pay annually instead of monthly, with a 10% discount... You can make paid ads work very profitably. Example: You spend $1000 on ads, and it costs you $100 to get a paid member, so now you have 10 members. If 9 out of those 10 chose to pay you monthly, you made $99*9 members = $891 in cash collected. In that case, you lost money (-$109 to be exact). Now, of course, if all of these 9 members decide to stay with you for 10 months, you will be making $8,910 in total for the 10 months. But for now, you spent $1,000 and only made $891 so you're at a loss (for now 😆). Now, what about that 1/10 member that we didn't include? Let's say that he or she decided to pay annually instead of monthly because of that 10% discount, we will be making a lot more than the $99 monthly fee. In that case, you made: $99*12 months = $1,188 - minus the 10% discount $118 = $1,070 from that single client alone. So if we calculate our total now: You spent $1,000 on paid ads and $891 (9 members paying monthly) and $1,070 (1 member paying annually with a 10% discount)
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Allow members to pay annually (with a discount)
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That’s exactly what I need
FB ADS Skool groups that stand out ???
Do you know any skool group on Facebook ads ? I just joined @Brian Moncada free YT ads group that is amazingly full of value and I am looking for something similar on Facebook ads ? Ps: I love using skool it's a super cool product
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@Frank Kern She rocks thank you ! I saw she talked a lot of user generated content in video ads for e-commerce brand as her top performing ads format. How do you personnaly use and apply this type of creative to coaching/consulting ? I was thinking about case study or testimonial
How would you describe Skool to a friend?
I want to know.
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The simplest and the most community centered course coaching software
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