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Expanding zapier functionality?
Is it on your roadmap to add more zapier functions? I think an obvious one is to remove their access if they are no longer a paying member etc.
New comment Oct '23
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe subscription and also a full payment for x months access model.
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe your billing model is just recurring monthly subscription with no customizations yet. And I have a free community and a paid access model on top of it. I also have people sign up for 12 month programs. I'm working around this using thrivecart and zapier, but your zapier functionality is extremely barebones compared to what should be possible.
How To Fill, Sell, Operate And Retain A Successful Mastermind Group.
Hi I’m Oli 👋 I run several paid Communities on Skool that make around $800k /month collectively. Today, I’m sharing with you how to fill, sell, operate and retain a successful Mastermind Group. In this post I’ll be covering: - How to fill a Mastermind Community - Captaining your group and managing Mastermind Operations - Protecting your recurring revenue with a Retention Playbook To illustrate I’ll be spotlighting one of my Communities called NextLevel Scale™. Quick context about this particular Mastermind and Me… I started this Community about 5 years ago back in 2018. Primarily to help other info Business Owners who are scaling to 7 and and 8 figures with their own Masterminds, Group Coaching Programs, Memberships and Online Courses. The investment has risen each year, but currently stands at $48k for 12-months Membership. Right now we have 50 active members which contributes to around $2.4 million in annual recurring revenue. My role is to lead and facilitate the group with a Team that comprises of one full time Coach and a part time assistant. But I didn’t start here. My journey goes back over the past 20 years of being in the info business. Since then I’ve ran virtually every kind of model you can imagine: Full Format Franchising, Online Memberships, Area Exclusive Licensing, Online Courses + Digital Products, In-person training centre, Group Coaching Programs, a National Association, Home study courses, Marketing Agency, Publishing Partners, Live Events, Equity based Consulting, Retreats, Private Consulting, Certification programs, Printed Monthly Newsletter Subscriptions… …and obviously Masterminds Groups. The high ticket Mastermind Community model is hard to beat. It’s almost like “alchemy“, and the timing to grow your own Community like mine is especially fortuitous right now. My goal here is to summarize the lessons I've learned, share what has worked, and what to avoid. Fair warning: this post will likely be long, so be sure to bookmark it now in your browser to refer back to later.
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Wow, following
Scheduling posts
Any plans to make it to where we can schedule posts to go out for the week or schedule releases for classroom modules?
New comment Sep '23
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The demand for this is extremely high, come on skool team!!
Zapier remove skool access
When are we going to be able to user zapier to remove skool access based on conditions??
Shareable links from skool app
On skool website, you can pull/share links to specific pages/modules inside skool. In the app there’s no way to get the page links. Perhaps this should be enabled? I’m constantly finding myself going back to the web version to share links.
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