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Kaspars L
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Bio: Architect
Sam Wong
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Bio: Sam
Irene Furegato
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Bio: Hi
Richard Doyle
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Bio: Married.
Sabrina Martinez
Boston, Ma
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Bio: Empowering women in their 20-30s create freedom in mind, body, spirit & finances 🧘🏽✨💖💰
Tina Squatley-Thrust
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Bio: 42 year old self-sabotager. Breathing is my super power.
Charles Tai
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Bio: I live in Seattle! My mission in life is to spread joy and compassion. I'm wanting to bring that energy to romantic journey.
悅 許
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Bio: I have an anxious attachment style and want to connect/heal with my avoidant partner.
Elise Osmand
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Katharina D
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Bio: Katharina
Helen Bridglalsingh
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Gowtham Tr
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Bio: Simple man with some struggles
Darth Sissous
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Mimi Collado
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Bio: Just a girl, that wants to change her life for the better
Craig Campbell
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Bio: 32. Just want to stop feeling and reacting like this and make better decisions. Too much going on in my head and no idea where to start to fix it all.
Simran Narula
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Karen Russelll
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Mark Theders
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Bio: Anxiously attached
Amy Simpson
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Janine Hölting
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Bio: Hey my name is Janine and I am a life and trauma mindful coach from germany. I moved abroad to live my dream life in dominican republic.
Tina D
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Bio: I'm American born Chinese entreprenuer and I live in Florida with my family, kids and dog.
Jacquelene Falls
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Sam Alderman
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Bio: Excited to get started on this journey!
Lori Otto
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Bio: I’m a mother, health advocate, and life coach, walking along side others as we heal and find freedom together.
Fatima R
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Bio: I’m here to heal my inner child and ready for this journey
Cassie Blanco
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Bio: Just trying to heal my anxious attachment style
Afrina Zulkifli
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Bio: Just finding the right road to self-improvement
Gladys Harvey
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Bio: Hello
Dave Tremere
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Bio: I just discovered that I was carrying childhood trauma around and tired of having awkward interpersonal connections with people. I’m ready to heal.
Lacy D
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Bio: Ready to heal
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Brian Yang
Your transformational coach - helping you heal deep childhood traumas, insecure attachments and find deep fulfillment.

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