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I have a BIG problem with AI, Please help!
I have a massive problem, maybe someone or a group of people can help me solve this problem. I am great at what i do, which is I get Ai to do what i want it to do mainly via Prompting and creating custom GPTs Occasionally I sell some of these services to people who reach out to me. This is all fine but my big problem is : HOW CAN I PROPERLY MONETIZE MY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Everywhere I go and all the products and services (in the Ai Space) which i have purchased to get an idea of what others are selling, quite frankly most are below par meaning they are mediocre and do not really help anyone in anyway. That being said these guys are making good money from below average products. Do i also make below average products / services and just spend most of my time on marketing or do i play the long game make good products and let them win on merit? I am very conflicted in my thoughts, does anyone have any way out of this madness?
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Hi Art, I am coming from sales and I always said go for the long run. In the end you will find and get the customers that value your product but it goes also the other way. Customers will find you! No one wants to have mediocre products. My advise is to make yourself more visible. It would also be great, if you don't have that already, a customer satisfaction area or button. I wish you great succes and keep on going. Succes is always JUST around the corner.
Interested in Starting An AI Chatbot Agency?
I've been busy creating everything needed to get started in an exciting new business, running your own AI Chatbot Agency. My upcoming package will include this and more: 👉 Sales Funnel on your own domain with CRM, automated email marketing and calendar system to book calls with clients 👉 Payments and Subscription billing system (You choose prices) 👉 Niche landing pages for Lawyers, Educational Institutions, Real Estate Agents etc 👉 How to generate leads 👉 How to sell the chatbots 👉 Private community 🤩 White Label FastBots account If anyone here is interested, drop a comment below and make sure you join the list to be kept up to date: Cheers Jason
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Interested in Starting An AI Chatbot Agency?
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ChatGPT convert text to Power Point
Hi Community, does anyone know if there is a program or AI tool to covert ChatGPT content into Power Point presentation? Much appreciated for a feedback or hopefully an answer. All best, Attila
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Hi Ronald, thank you for response. In the meantime I already asked ChatGPT to make a lay-out for Powerpoint, I then add it into Powerpoint myself. It takes a bit more work, but works as well. I thought maybe there is already a program that convert the text from ChatGPT into a Powerpoint.
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@Chatbot Developer Of course, I asked first for a certain topic. In this case it was a Training for new hires. After Chat made the Training. I told Chat that I need to present this Training to the Board of Directors and I need a layout for a PowerPoint presentation. After that information Chat made a lay out with Title, Sub title, bullet points and pictures to add to the slides. Also give upfront the amount of slides you want to have in your presentation.
Starting Affiliate Marketing
Hi community, I am starting to get familiar with E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing. But this whole tech site and AI is new for me. Starting to use ChatGPT al lot, specialy for Affiliate Marketing. Does any one know where to find the right prompt to get me going on this new adventure. At this moment, probably I ask the wrong questions, I am getting just basic information from ChatGPT4. Hope some one can push me in the right direction. Thanks.
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Will GPT-4 Replace Your Vet or MD?
I ran across an interesting article last night about a guy who used GPT-4 to diagnose his dog's uncommon illness when his vet could not find the issue. It's not at all unusual for humans to search Dr. Google for a diagnosis for their own symptoms so now we have Dr. GPT-4, the Veterinarian. Here is the article for discerning minds... Here was his take on using ChatGPT 3.5 versus GPT-4: “GPT-3.5 couldn’t place the proper diag., but GPT4 was smart enough to do it,” Cooper shared. “I can’t imagine what medical diagnostics will look like 20 years from now.”
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Probably with this rate of speed it will not take 20 years.
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