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#How To Create Your First Piece Of Content I will create a twitter thread about by far my favorite book, Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. The observations I have made and the amazing take aways from the book .



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Found this ‘growth’ strategy but sounds like it could quickly end up as a one way ticket to getting blocked. Thoughts?



Corey Bennett Boardman
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Mike Aheirwe
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    @Corey Bennett Boardman Twitter has one weird algorithm for sure.😣😄😄

"We don't live that long to become more than amateurs", Charlie Chaplin. One of the greatest comedians of all time said this and it resonated throughout time. A vital pillar in every synthesizer's life and mission, this concept is far more extrapolated in Austin Kleon's book show your work where he talks about the beginners mind and how a new possibility is formed every second with no fear to experiment and "follow their whims". Let's grow the beginner in us. "It is better to contribute to something rather than nothing". Have an amazing day everyone.



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#Synthesizing Intro Hello everyone I'm Pablo am 17 years old and live in Uganda. My fascination with the idea of synthesis comes from my fascination of reading and forever learning being that in the field of technology one must never let the "seneca effect" sink in and always yearn for new ways to solve problems efficiently. I am intrigued by content in the space of development(both self and technological), Business, healthy living, study science and showing my work. I am really exited to be part of this family and hope to grow my content and life with all of you.



Mike Aheirwe
Asiimawe Pablo
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    I knew recognised the name Aheirwe from somewhere , Amazing meeting you here and I am already pumped up by the amazing aptitude of the awesome people here.

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    @Corey Bennett Boardman No, surname can be used or even my other name.

@Connor Widmaier asked a great question. Often what not to do is as important as what to do. As per the theory of general productivity. What else should you NOT do?



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    @Connor Widmaier Super true there, still trying to stop this habit.

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