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📣 Join me in a Live Training Session this Wednesday!!
Helllooo Facilitators 👋 Join me for a LIVE training session this Wednesday, July 5th @6:30PM CEST. In this invite-only training, you’ll learn how to run one of AJ&Smart’s favorite retrospective workshop exercises, the Sailboat! ⛵️ The Sailboat is a powerful, retrospective technique that enables teams to reflect on their journey, identify what’s been anchoring them down, and set a course for smoother sailing. In this value-packed session, you’ll learn... ⛵️ ⛵️ How to facilitate a successful Sailboat exercise ⛵️ Identifying the forces that propel your project/team forward ⛵️ Recognizing the barriers holding you back ⛵️ Setting strategies for your team to reach their goals ⛵️ Practical tips and tools for facilitating the session Sooooo, mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 5th, at 6:30 pm CEST (Berlin time) and join me for this free live training. PLUS, there'll be a Q&A session at the end, so you'll have an opportunity to get your questions answered and receive personalized advice! Secure your spot by signing up. Spaces are limited, so I'd recommend signing up soon to make sure you don't miss out! Here's the link to sign up:
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Already booked in my schedule. Can't wait to see you there. 😊
Draft your own workshops!
Using @Jonathan Courtney 's 4C framework, there are 80 great tools in the following book thet you may build a workshop around them. The book's title is: "Design. Think. Make. Break. Repeat". [Tomitsch, M., Borthwick, M., Ahmadpour, N., Cooper, C., Frawley, J., Hepburn, L.A., Kocaballi, A.B., Loke, L., Núñez-Pacheco, C., ‎ Straker, K., ‎Wrigley, C. (2021). Design. Think. Make. Break. Repeat. A Handbook of Methods (revised edition). BIS Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.] More info and the list of methods:
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@Kenneth Agerholm you can have a look at the above link to see the contents of the book. Overall, if you are already familiar with design tools there may only be a few new subjects to learn. I found it a good starting points for someone who is not a designer and wants to know what tool or method to use where and what type of outcome to expect from that. As for recommendation to buying a copy, I borrowed it from a library but I would like to buy that myself.
This blew my mind 💎
Hey Facilitators! Last week @Rebecca Courtney hosted a special facilitation-themed live training, and it was PURE VALUE. Hundreds of people from all over the world tuned in to learn about: - The crucial role facilitation plays in driving success for your team in 2023. - The secrets to fixing broken collaboration and unlocking true team synergy. - The seven core facilitation skills. - How you can get a special, limited-time discount on our new program, Facilitation Fundamentals. My favorite part of the training was Rebecca discussing the Diamond of Participatory Decision Making (watch that part in the preview). When I first learned about this group process coined by Sam Kaner, it seriously blew my mind... I finally fully understood why we need Facilitators (and why Facilitators should unapologetically be charging top dollar for their invaluable services 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰) You can unlock the complete training here if you want to learn more. What's your take on the Diamond of Participatory Decision Making? Do you think it can transform the way teams collaborate and make decisions?
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Fantastic! Wish I can participate in upcoming lives like this. 💪
Are you putting AI into Design Sprints?
Guys, I found this super cool website filled with AI tools for basically everything. No surprise that there's a lot on marketing and content but has anybody started experimenting with Ux/Ui GPT? I found this text to image from SUPER COOL!! Then I came up with a group of guys that are using ChatGPT to create some kind of APIs for e-commerce here and automate everything from ideas to shipping products. What kind of AI are u using? How are u using it? Has it helped you speed up validations or prototypes to MVP?
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I love using AI for any possible case but, only after we came up with all the possible ideas by the team. Especially when the subject is creativity, innovation and such, jumping to use the AI at the beginning may prevent us from being really creative. The AI systems like chatGPT are giving you feedback based on the previously existing data so technically they can't generate new information or "think" but give you feedback based on what they already know. However, after deciding about what to do, platform like the text to image or code generators are very useful as a "tool" to reduce the work load. This is how I see it for the time being and would be happy to hear from others too.
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@Gabriel Campillo that's smart and great. In short I wanted to say that as long as we use AI as a tool to organize and improve, that would work fine. In my understanding it hasn't been developed to create or come up with new ideas YET. That's why I would prefer to exhaust all the possible human created options first. However, AI can shed a light if one feels stuck in the process by opening the horizon.
The Meet-up in Stockholm was a Success! 💛
Wow! What an amazing weekend spent in Stockholm where myself, @Jonathan Courtney, @Laura Faint, @Jakub Michalski, @Dom Nyari had the pleasure of meeting some of you. We LOVE having the chance to connect with you in-person and be surrounded by people who are as passionate and NERDY about workshopping and facilitation as us! Thanks to @Linda Fragner, @Andrew Saka, @Lukas Sveceny, @Michael Labruyere, @Andreas Wilhelmsson, @Mikael Bjorkqvist, @Arvid Hajilou @Sam Pettersson @Anneli Hansson and @Nicole Harapesova for joining us last Friday evening! We look forward to future meet-ups 💜
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Thanks for making it happen. It was an absolute pleasure meeting all you from AJ in person as well as other local workshoppers. Can't wait to see you again soon.
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