Attracting The Wrong Audience
I've been a little silent here for a while now, mainly because I've been building and it's been going well.
Just off of 10K Followers on Instagram, YouTube is slowly climbing with 5k Watch hours this month. I sold out a high ticket coaching offer and have got 10 people in a paid community.
12 Months ago I had none of this, so I call this progress, but I have an issue...
I really want to push my paid community/membership, I really enjoy it, however due to a previous background being a videographer and working with fitness professionals, the majority of the audience I seem to be attracting is fitness professionals who need help with their content.
I want to be attracting creators, those who are just getting started, helping them with strategy, filming techniques, lighting techniques. Essentially making them better content creators overall.
Has anyone got any advice on how to attract the right audience, I reference creators in my content, I feel it's specific to creators, but still attracting fitness professionals. Which then leads the content on the members page to be tailored to these individuals and their needs.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Andy Hillocks
Attracting The Wrong Audience
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