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How To Explode Business Skool With YouTube (NOT TIKTOK)
YouTube is high risk, high reward... Unless you know what you're doing, then it's just high reward. Half of YouTube is value creation, half of YouTube is optimization (packaging + structuring) TN + title Hook Value CTA
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I am in his group and Kai has been a wealth of knowledge, you should DM him directly, he could probably work with you.
@Norman Zizoff random question, have you gone to college/university?
There are very few things you actually need to do to make money...
But because you haven't emptied your mind like Bruce Lee says to do... You're confused. Overwhelmed. Scattered. And not doing ANY of these things. So here's a simple 3 part checklist of the only things you need to do to start making good money: 1) Post content. Written or video - ideally both. Content about what? Anything that solves a problem... Just pick a problem & then solve it. Simple video content like this works. And if you're serious about making money, and you want to get really good at the video content game, this is a "Must Watch". Shows how to get thousands of views with just 10-20 min of prep per video. 2) Have conversations. Have conversations with people who engage with your content. If you've ever DM'd me or spoken to me or someone on my team on the phone, you know how natural/simple these convos can be. Nothing complicated. Just a simple flow. If the person you speak with on the phone is a good fit, they can become your client. 3) Get your clients results. Do everything in your power to get your clients results as if they were your children. Yesterday for example I worked with Kai to help him make over $7,000 in MRR with a 1 hour webinar presentation. And this month my client @Farhoon Asim is crushing the Skool games leaderboards and will likely get to go hang out with Alex Hormozi as a result. And last month my clients @Goose Dunlavey and @Jeffrey Buoncristiano won the Skool games. My team & I have endless success stories like this because we only work with clients we KNOW we can get results for, and what we teach actually works. Bottom line is: If you combine a great offer with these 3 things (posting content, having convos, working with clients) and you keep sh*t simple, you're going to crush it.
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Great post! A few months following you and I can say this is true.
NEW: Watch this if you're still not making $10,000/Month
Watch this everyday if you need to. It is the ultimate reminder which 99% of you need to hear. And read my Success with Manifesting Money book, too.
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This is just physics
Movie Night 🍿
Want to see my list of the top 25 BEST films for entrepreneurial motivation & inspiration? Comment 'MOVIE NIGHT' below & I'll send you my list. Whenever I watch these films, I get fired up and I feel like I can do anything. If you're going to chill out and watch a movie, you might as well it motivational!
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Movie Night
Me + Alex Hormozi = 👀
I just spent an entire day with Alex Hormozi brainstorming how to crush it with an online coaching business and the notes I wrote down are INSANELY valuable. We covered offers, content, hiring, ads, sales, memberships and so much more. If you want my key takeaways, comment below with the word HORMOZI and I'll send em over. My business is about to change massively because of some of the things I wrote down... Enjoy Ted "Comment Below" Carr
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