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My Target Market is reaching out to me offline! (Story)
Hey everyone! 😄 Guess what? My dentist just reached out to me today with a wild idea – he wants to start a YouTube channel! 🦷📹 Now, as he represents my target market so, it was a welcoming conversation indeed and it got me thinking: all the magic he works to calm my dental anxiety could be turned into a fantastic info product! 💡💰 i hinted to him about that and he got all excited! So, here's the scoop: I'm on a mission to help him kickstart his YouTube journey and I need YOUR help! 🙌 to put up the right sequence that i can then replicate further. What do you think would be the best way to do it? 🤔 Since my niche is helping professionals and business owners up their YouTube authority game to market their products and services digitally, we've got a solid plan but i need to validate with you all: Should I offer him consulting? 🤓 Maybe a crash course in YouTube wizardry? 🚀 Or should I bring him into our awesome community and let him soak up all the knowledge like a sponge? 🧽💡 Let's brainstorm together! 🧠💬 Drop your suggestions below and let's get this dentist-turned-YouTuber on the road to digital stardom! 🌟🎥💪 Can't wait to hear your ideas! 🤗
New comment Feb 29
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@Zahida A Khan I believe I can create a bouquet of offerings by creating a membership structure for him and what I teach inside my community is how to build digital authority through youtube so that he can then market his info products organically apart from mere offline business model that he's currently engaged in.
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@Bogdan Rosu agreed. the why has to be clear. let's say. he wants to share his learning in his profession with rest of the world and obviously he wants to up his expert authority online
Funnel Builder References?
Greetings, everyone! I'm currently on the lookout for a Funnel Builder for 'The Skool Games' who can additionally recommend a budget-friendly Funnel Builder platform. Any references? When submitting your proposals, I kindly request that you closely examine these funnels: Funnel 1 and Funnel 2, and offer your insights or ask anyone to whom you will pass on this inquiry. I am presently in the process of migrating my existing website, which involves the relocation of these funnels from their current place on my website to a dedicated funnel builder platform. Please note that I'm already familiar with Click Funnels, but I'm exploring alternative options due to cost considerations.
New comment Jan 26
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@Carlos Rodera okay i will give it a look
Brick & Mortar to Online. Advice?
I've built my gym to 35-40k consistent monthly revenue (not profit). In 2023 my goal is to build an online fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching program for more freedom and better margins. What advice would you give to someone starting out with online coaching? What foundations should we lay first and what should we avoid?
New comment Mar '23
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it's important that you build a mechanism to first segment the members old and current who come to your gym so that you know which offers would suit 80% and how to convert the rest segments over time.
A Message To Consultants: Things are Changing
This is a message for Consultants. Specifically someone who sells coaching or a course to help people solve their problems. In 2022 I: - Spent two days in LA with Sam Ovens (on track to become billionaire) - Spoke with Alex Hormozi ($200m/year portfolio) - Spoke (and worked) with MrBeast (130m subscribers) - Spoke with Cole Gordon ($2,000,000/month) - Met Bas Slot in Lisbon twice ($1,000,000/month) My conclusion after all of this was simple: This industry is changing… The smartest people have noticed, and are already taking advantage of this shift. Everyone else will be left behind. Watch these clips (5-10 mins) to spot the shift. - Clip from Sam Ovens - Tweet from Alex Hormozi - Another tweet from Alex Hormozi - Clip from Cole Gordon (making $2m/m+) - Clip from All In Podcast (all four are Billionaires) - Clip from Alex Hormozi Watch those clips before reading on. They're short. Here's how I see things changing: - Direct Response → Brand - Ads → Content - Selling → Giving And to me, this is a GREAT SHIFT. Thank fuck this industry is FINALLY maturing. It's no longer enough to have flashy marketing and great sales skills. You have to build a brand. Over the past few months I’ve hinted at this shift quite a few times, and how I've used it to make $100,000/month profit (and sometimes even $90,000 in a day). I've made a: - 33 minute Loom video explaining this new model - 21 minute Loom video explaining how I got 600,000 subscribers using this model - Free course explaining how to build a great community - Loom video I sent to Alex Hormozi about using trends to grow an audience when he asked me to help him grow his YouTube - Notion page explaining the lessons I learned about YouTube growth from speaking with MrBeast - Google Doc explaining the content system that grows your audience in just two hours per week
New comment Jan 30
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let's do it
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