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Coaching Notes from Practice Session 2 | October 7 2023
*Overall, this was a fantastic opportunity for Community members to practice facilitating Sprints online with other Community members. I highly recommend these practice sessions for all aspiring and emerging facilitators. We are creating a safe environment for facilitators to "get in the sandbox and use the tools" without judgment. **I am happy to provide individual feedback for facilitators, if desired. ***Huge thanks to @David Rovira Kristen Cattell @Laure Duchamp @Hind Bayane @Coco Curry @Irina Volfson @Javier von Westphalen @Keith Wasserman @Michelle Audsley Myers @Kimberli Jeter (please names of attendees that I missed) FACILITATORS | Kristen Cattell, Laure Duchamp, and Hind Bayane · Great, engaging tone and volume! Each participant felt heard and acknowledged when introducing themselves, ask questions, and/or presenting ideas. · Very good presence and confidence with most of the Sprint elements. Each facilitator maintained poise throughout the session and exhibited strong confidence even when faced with confusing elements of the Sprint. · There were noticeable instances of verbal fillers such as “um,” “uh,” as well as, “…and, yeah” or “…but, yeah.” While these fillers are frequently used in everyday English communication, facilitators should learn how to remove them from their facilitation speaking. · Session facilitators should encourage participants to utilize all notes and “How might we” blocks related to each section. - Expect participants to ask questions about both the overall process, specific activities, and session topic/theme. · Begin with an overview of the Sprint process to ensure participants understand where the group is headed. - Briefly explain each section and bring attention to the timing and breaks.
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So grateful for this @Bret Koontz this is gold 🙏 🙏 I’m taking notes thinking how to incorporate your feedback for future times 🤩
Seeking two co-facilitators in Houston for local event — Sat, Sep 30
Saturday, September 30, I am presenting at a local event being jointly produced by the Design Thinking and Innovation, Houston Product, and Houston UXPA groups. The event runs from 10 AM - 12 Noon. It's an interactive event where we'll have some short presentations on facilitation tips and then break into groups to learn two activities participants can run with their teams: I am looking for two co-facilitators to help manage groups. Each co-facilitator would probably have one group, but if turnout is higher, you might have two groups to support. I will pay $50 for your time. Happy to have experienced co-facilitators, or if you're a new facilitator, I can walk you through how to run the activities and manage your group ahead of time, and then you can get some practice. Please email me at if you are interested. I would appreciate the support in making sure this even runs smoothly.
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Hi @Austin Govella ! very interested by this opportunity, I sent you an email 😊
Workshopping playlist
Hello lovely people! ☀️ Here is my very first playlist for workshopping sessions after completing the first part of the program 😊 I organised it so that the rhythms and tones would match different 4C phases, so we have divergent phases with dynamic tunes, encouraging ideation and production of information, then slowly transitioning to a more composed and slow phase for convergent thinking. The idea being that slower tunes encourage pausing and thinking for voting. Very curious to know what you guys think! Does that reflect how you like to work too? 🌟
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thanks a lot @Jan Keck ! glad you like it, please let me know if you have any improvement tips :)
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Of course, these are meant to be used :) :)
Starting on Facilitation fundamentals
I had to get the book printed and it does look fab and makes my learning better….. For reference it is a4, 100gms and cost £34.00 uk pounds. Wire Bound.
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This book is a real treasure ! I take it everywhere, whenever I have a few minutes I open it up and quizz myself ! Enjoy the course @John Drinkwater :)
Hack your brain! ... and reduce frustrations at work - 2 exercises that will help you in your sessions - FREE Webinar
Hey guys, I would like to invite you to a free workshop hosted by Drawify where I am a guest facilitator. Title: How to reduce frustration at work using neuroscience Aim of the webinar: Discover through 2 experiments how to reduce frustration at work and explore how human brain is working and how to use this in daily work What's in for you: 2 exercises you can apply to any session when you want your participants to get the idea of different perspectives and awareness upon this + the neuroscience explanation behind it When: 2nd August, 5 pm CET Format: 1 hour, via Zoom Registration link (FREE): How to reduce frustration at work ( Looking forward to seeing you there! Andra
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Wohooo ! Sounds amazing thanks for sharing @Andra Stefanescu ! I’ve registered and I’m so looking forward to it :)
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