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Mission and Vision Workshop Request
Hello, I am new here and I am blown away by the collaboration and support from everyone in the club - you are all awesome. I am designing my first workshop and a tad nervous. I have been asked to come up with a workshop (half day) to reintroduce employees to the organisation's mission and vision in a fun way. Any ideas or suggestions of an agenda will be appreciated - class of 12 - 15 people.
New comment 9d ago
Hi @Temi K I like the idea of reviewing the mission and values of the organization as an opener. I like this liberating structure exercise - you could do it in groups, pairs or individually but the idea of using symbols to articulate their understanding of what images these words conjure for them is a great way to get creative juices flowing and have a shared understanding in a different way. Hope this is helpful:) Here is the link to the activity with an explantion:
Design Thinking workshop for 9-year-old kids
Hello, I want to create a workshop for kids in my son's classroom. Could you please suggest some ideas for topics that I can cover and ways to make it fun and engaging for them? Thank you! 😊
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Hi @Sigalit Mualem I love the idea of having fun and introducing children to a experience of problem solving. I actually worked with a framework called 'Girls Driving for a Difference'(google it) which was a workshop for middle school girls to find their leadership style. It was amazing to see them embrace their gifts and gaining some self-awareness on how they contribute to their team/class. So, go for it. BTW here is a list of icebreakers that you could definitely use with a class - I have seen the rock/paper/scissors work with large groups. Energizing and fun to celebrate wins for kids. Good Luck!
If not facilitation then what?!
Good Morning everyone, As I was watching the various videos and I think specifically the 5-1-6 video I noted that there was suggestion individuals do not really promote themselves as facilitators, that there is usually something else that they do or offer instead. So my question is, do you promote yourself as a facilitator and if not, how do you promote yourself? What tools/techniques do you use to get yourself those facilitation pieces of work? I look forward to hearing from you.
New comment 17d ago
@Rachel Way Seems we should do a workshop for this question 😉 As Coach, Consultant and Facilitator seem to have triggers for some who have had bad experiences...I did some playing in ChatGPT. I call myself a coach and a facilitator 😮 After a few prompts and then asking it to be more professional and attractive for LinkedIn potential clients, it came up with the following: "Certainly! Crafting descriptions that resonate well on LinkedIn for potential clients often involves a balance of professionalism, clarity, and intrigue. Here are some refined descriptions tailored for LinkedIn: 1. Conversational Maestro: Guiding dynamic discussions with finesse, I orchestrate collaborative symphonies of thought that harmonize diverse perspectives into beautifully resonant solutions. 2. Dialogue Virtuoso: As a seasoned facilitator, I specialize in curating engaging discussions that transform ideas into action. Let's orchestrate conversations that inspire, inform, and innovate together. 3. Collaboration Catalyst: With a flair for fostering teamwork and creativity, I engineer environments where ideas flourish and connections thrive. Let's co-create impactful solutions through meaningful dialogue. 4. Engagement Architect: Crafting bespoke experiences for productive collaboration, I design interactive sessions that ignite curiosity, foster inclusivity, and drive results. Let's build bridges to success through dialogue. 5. Innovation Navigator: Navigating the currents of conversation, I chart courses for exploration and discovery, guiding teams toward innovative solutions and breakthrough insights. Let's set sail for new horizons together. 6. Conversation Connoisseur: With a passion for cultivating meaningful dialogue, I specialize in facilitating discussions that spark curiosity, deepen understanding, and drive transformative change. Let's explore possibilities through conversation. 7. Insight Instigator: As an expert in dialogue facilitation, I provoke thought, inspire collaboration, and uncover hidden gems of insight that lead to impactful outcomes. Let's unlock the potential of collective wisdom. 8. Dialogue Dynamo: Energizing conversations with enthusiasm and expertise, I empower teams to explore possibilities, challenge assumptions, and co-create solutions that make a difference. Let's amplify our impact through dialogue. 9. Strategic Communicator: Leveraging the power of conversation, I help organizations navigate complexity, build consensus, and drive strategic alignment. Let's craft compelling narratives and shape the future together. 10. Collaborative Visionary: With a focus on fostering innovation and teamwork, I facilitate conversations that spark creativity, build trust, and inspire action. Let's turn ideas into reality and create lasting impact."
@Rachel Way there is a lot to play with here. Not sure what title as some sound a little cheesy to me, but I love so many of the descriptions so I’ll be jotting down come words I love and see what happens / journal and draw to see what sticks. A cool starting point though. What about you?
London Facilitators
Hey everyone 🙃, I recently completed the Foundation to Facilitation certification and relatively new to the industry. I am taking steps to try to migrate to a facilitator role. Is there anyone based in London to meet-up with to share knowledge and ideas? :)
New comment 18d ago
@Stephen Morris I will be in London the week of March 11th - it would be great to meet other facilitators!
Facilitation in 30 seconds
Coming week I'm giving a keynote lecture in a conference (technical topic) and I will be speaking in front of about 150 people. The session chair would like to promote me and my new facilitation business when he calls me up on stage, and he asked for my suggestion. Also, in the audience will be representatives of MANY of my potential clients, both from my niche industry and group leaders from academia, with whom I can chitchat about my new facilitation business later. Most people in the audience never heard about facilitation, and as Russel Brunson says, they are still cold clients - they are either skeptic or they don't know that they need it. Any idea how to explain to clueless people, in 30 seconds, why facilitation is THE thing they miss in life? Any ideas are welcome :)
New comment 19d ago
Just thought of something else @Anat Akiva You could start again with 'intrigue' by asking a question: "How do you solve problems in your company?on your team? in your org.? " And then ask them to clap for which way they are currently doing things. Loudest for the one most used. Put up 5 ways and read them aloud. 1.)Another meeting with no real results 2.)Top down decision made with no buy-in 3.)Loudest voice wins 4.)We don't solve problems 5.)What problems?:) We don't have any. Then explain that you are here to help them to change things so the right problems get solved with the best solutions using an innovative new framework. End with an offer as above. 30 seconds I think:)
@Anat Akiva Love the chair's intro. Allergy indeed!
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