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Looking for "different ways" to brainstorm for PAIN POINTS ?
i am currently preparing a 2day workshop and during those 2 days, we will deep dive into different topics. what i would like to do is to find a good exercice to help participants to "easily" brainstorm on the main painpoints they have regarding 5 topics. any ideas of having "creative" ways or disruptive ways to identify pain points ? 🙃
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Hello @Jean-philippe Favre I have adapted part of this template before. Can't find the version I created, but you might be able to glean some ideas from it. I love the idea of Microscope, Panorama, Telescope, and Kaleidoscope.
Lets Build Your Network Together: LinkedIn Challenge
Hi everyone! I see a ton of questions about marketing and leveraging LinkedIn as a tool by posting content. Well, I have a solution that can help you and the community at the same time. It’s called the LinkedIn Challenge. How it works: - Put out great content on LinkedIn together with a group of over 10 consecutive business days.  - Engage with the posts of the others in the group - You can "like" and comment on their posts (and they will do the same) - Of course you have to put great content that adds real value to people - and minimize those promotional posts.  Why it works: - The LinkedIn Challenge works because by working as a group using a common hashtag, your posts go up in visibility in the LinkedIn algorithm. - By engaging with each other's posts, your posts as well as the other participants' go up in visibility as well. It’s About The Results - I’ve completed this challenge twice while part of a real estate investment mastermind. I started with 1167 connections. After the first challenge my connections increased to 1267. 100 new connections, when on average I may grow 50 over the course of a year.  - These connections can result in potential clients, booked projects, and ultimately lead to the financial freedom we're aiming to achieve. What To Post: - Educational posts that show "Thought Leadership" - Motivational post and how you benefited from applying them to your given expertise.  - Do everything in your power not to solicit. And if you have a call to action keep it to a 2 out of 10 ratio. What You Can Do: Remember the goal is to build momentum through consistency. Post more USEFUL CONTENT that will add value to your connections. And don’t just post, Engage with your audience or connections. People like to feel appreciated and valued - not pitched to. Challenge Starts Monday February 26!
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@Stefon Towler I am in! I have also send a request to connect.
Ok, I have a (internal) client, now what?! 😬
Hi guys, Some of you might remember me asking how to switch careers and start in facilitation. Now I’ve finished fundamentals course and did a minisprint with my salesteam which turned out to be an amazing experience. Something wonderful is starting to happen where I have been asked to run two facilitation gigs at our company. There are two situations and I need your advise 🤩 So I work at a training company where we conduct different courses in marketing, communication and innovation. Situation 1: There will be an evening during which we will organize a brainstorm to change the name of a category of trainings. But we also want another brainstorm to come up with new training ideas in this category. We will have limited time of max 3 hours and the audiences consists of very experienced trainers and some do facilitate such sessions themselves. The group is big - 12 - 14 people. There will be some introduction speeches by few managers, so have vert limited time left. Challenge 1: It seems like quite a lot of wishes for such relatively short session Challenge 2: I feel a bit intimidated by all that experience in the room. Challenge 3: which workshops/setups could I select to let creativity flow? Situation 2: Our team of 4 colleagues want to come up with ideas for the new system which will accommodate communication with our students. So relatively clear goal and a small group of people. I feel quite confident facilitating this session. But I am looking for some creative setups. We have three days to get the job done. Which seems like enough time. I am vert happy that putting it out there, sending my intention to start facilitating has been answered, but now my inner critic is killing me 😅 Especially regarding the first impossible workshop. I feel really not ready for it, but I kind of have to get it together and just go for it. Anyone else recognise this situation or feelings? How to fix your mindset? Thank you all so much. I hope others might learn as well from my experience 🥰🍀💫🙏🏻
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@Jimmy Juste I second what you wrote. When there is a lot to cover, keep things simple. The audience gets a better outcome and take away more than when we clog up the workshop with too much stuff.
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@Marianne Noiman you are going to smash it! What I tend to do with large groups is delegate some of the responsibilities to some of them to manage part of the session. I will split them into small groups and let them alternate leading their group with different activities, themes or topics. That way the onus is not on the facilitator and also gives me some time to observe and adjust if I need to. I hope this helps and good luck with it.
How are you using linkedin to generate leads?
Hi tribe - I’ve been gone for awhile on maternity leave. But now I need to get back to work and I am looking for Waze to get noticed on LinkedIn and also find potential business owners who may require workshop facilitation. Would like to know what methods others are using to find potential clients.
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@Hannah Johnson congratulations on the birth of your baby and welcome back. You can start with content creation to gain interest from your target market. There are some good LinkedIn experts you can follow to help you curate your content in a way that will attract the people you want to serve. I started following a number of them last year and it has helped me improve my content immensely. Justin Welsh is one of them, I find his content and LinkedIn course practical, valuable and useful. All the best on your journey.
Best books for problem solving workshop exercises
Hi there, Which are the best resource books packed with exercises that can be used in problem-solving workshops please? thanks!
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My go to place is Miroverse. It came to my rescue a few times in my last role while working in an agile methodology environment.
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@Lorant Dankahazi This is useful - thank you.
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