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Mixed Ability Workshop
I am in the process of designing a workshop for a group of people working in a retail business. The audience have varied learning abilities and I have been asked to limit the amount of writing required so it can meet the learning needs of everyone in the room. I am going to focus on using images and pre-populated post-it notes which will just require placements for the activities. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any more suggestions will be much appreciated.
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@Monique Childress Thank you, that is helpful.
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@Jan Keck impressive. Thank you for the tip.
[For Business Owners] Investing Back Into the Biz
Hey all, I'm curious to know what other business owners do when it comes to investing profits back into the business (vs. taking it out as revenue). As context, I run a small business (me, my wife, a VA) and we had a really solid year last year (gross revenue north of £500k with a very solid profit margin as we are a lightweight, service-based biz). We use the "Profit First" operating model, meaning we pay ourselves first, so we draw a nice salary and also pay ourselves quarterly bonuses when our "profit" pot has extra money. Now we're winding down the year, trying to think about investments we could make to grow and improve the business (customer research, website development, content strategy, etc.) A quick Google leads me to believe the range is around 2.5% to 5% of profit for B2B and slightly higher, maybe 5-10% for B2C. But I'm much more curious to hear from fellow business owners on a similar path. Anyone out there? Thanks!
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Congratulations on what you have achieved in your business - I am inspired. I do not have specific answers to your question, but I found the book 'Small Giants' by Bo Burlingham a useful resource for when I am further down the line.
Looking for "different ways" to brainstorm for PAIN POINTS ?
i am currently preparing a 2day workshop and during those 2 days, we will deep dive into different topics. what i would like to do is to find a good exercice to help participants to "easily" brainstorm on the main painpoints they have regarding 5 topics. any ideas of having "creative" ways or disruptive ways to identify pain points ? 🙃
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Looking for "different ways" to brainstorm for PAIN POINTS ?
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Hello @Jean-philippe Favre I have adapted part of this template before. Can't find the version I created, but you might be able to glean some ideas from it. I love the idea of Microscope, Panorama, Telescope, and Kaleidoscope.
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@Jeff Panning I love the Sailboat too.
How are you using linkedin to generate leads?
Hi tribe - I’ve been gone for awhile on maternity leave. But now I need to get back to work and I am looking for Waze to get noticed on LinkedIn and also find potential business owners who may require workshop facilitation. Would like to know what methods others are using to find potential clients.
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@Hannah Johnson congratulations on the birth of your baby and welcome back. You can start with content creation to gain interest from your target market. There are some good LinkedIn experts you can follow to help you curate your content in a way that will attract the people you want to serve. I started following a number of them last year and it has helped me improve my content immensely. Justin Welsh is one of them, I find his content and LinkedIn course practical, valuable and useful. All the best on your journey.
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@Jacobo Senior I agree and will add patience. It takes time to build the right audience.
Your Thoughts - When Exercises Don't Go As Planned
Hi Everyone! What do you do whenever an exercise doesn't go over the way you had hoped or some technical aspect of what you had planned fails in some way? For instance, I was conducting an ideation session using sticky notes and the notes just weren't sticking (i.e. they were falling down). I had done something similar to this before without issues. This situation in particular created a funny moment but it also slightly impeded being able to move forward with what I had planned (i.e. everyone being able to organize their ideas, vote, etc.). Is there an alternative to using sticky notes that would work better somehow? Thanks for your thoughts!
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@Allen Garcie this post made me smile because I have been in this situation more than once. The sticky note not sticking can be a trying experience and could disrupt one's rhythm if we allow it. The last time it happened, I just smiled and used a table instead - luckily it was a small team and we were able to gather round the table. Now I buy my own post it notes that can peel paint off a wall. 😁 I must add that we played a game in between by setting a timer to see how long each post-it will stay up. The winner got a prize too 🙂 There was another instance where I was leading an exercise across 3 countries and the activity fell flat from the start. The team kicked back and I did exactly what @Raj Mehta suggested - I took the broken parts of my activity and asked the team to create something better, which they did. I am open to uncertainty and learn to laugh at the situation while we collaboratively find better solutions. Even the experts get it wrong sometimes so just keep winning the way you know to do it best.
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@Ruth Callaghan Absolutely. With improvision there are no mistakes 👌
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