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Celebrating In-Person Workshops!
I have facilitated a gazillion virtual workshops over the past four years, but this past Friday I ran my first day-long in-person workshop since February 2020. A team from NYC traveled to my wonderful neighborhood in CT and we had a glorious event and I have been texting with my thrilled client this morning. Phew! It feels like such a huge relief. I wanted to share my celebration with my fellow facilitators. 🙏🏽💙
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Celebrating In-Person Workshops!
@Tarynlee Kearney Oh, yes, Serious Fun.
@Bill Kollar After a hellish pandemic caring for a chronically ill family member, there was some doubt... 😬
Meeting Minutes
Anyone have any programs or apps they use for taking meeting minutes? looking for a easy to use app or program for taking notes from multiple people.
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I LOVE and it keeps getting better and better.
Adult Interaction Questions
Hi, Can someone share some ideas on how to approach the following? This is an online virtual class. 1. What are the good approaches to seeking Corporate learners to interact in a virtual class? Adult learners are not switching on their cameras. Unsure whether they are behind the screen or not. Seek different ways (polls, asking direct Q&A) to engage the learners, but there is no response. 2. The video conference tool was disabled in the breakout room cos it affected the attendance API. So how can the learners do group discussions to learn and interact? It is quite tiring for the trainers/ facilitators to do a 1-way communication. Please help me if there is/are any similar exercises, approaches, methods etc. Appreciate so much in advance.
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◘ Group/Community Agreements/Rules (Cameras on, no phones, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - aka Vegas Rule, etc.) Community agreements are so often overlooked, and I can’t overemphasize how absolutely critical they are. It would be great if you could create them as a group in the first meeting, but you can always find a way to introduce them midway. You see really detailed community rules in forums such as this and in Facebook Groups, so people are used to them in digital spaces. It can be a fun exercise - there are many techniques and suggestions if you Google it. ◘ Break out rooms (if the software allows) with specific assignments that they have to report on when they return ◘ Interactive whiteboards ◘ Participation gamification I hope something here helps. 😄
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@Dennis Kwan Brainstorm and trouble shoot with them! You can find out their “pain points” for being in a remote class and ideate solutions as an exercise.
Conflict Resolution
What is everyone's Conflict Resolution strategy if someone in your meeting gets out of line, but you want to be respectful the best way you can? if that makes any sense.
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Without more context, I’ll throw these in: ◘ NVC - Observation, Empathy (or Empathy Guessing), Group Need, Request ◘ Give the person a job (I was facilitating a college Freshmen retreat and there was one dude that just did not want to be there and was dragging the energy DOWN - I asked him if he wanted to be the retreat photographer. Worked like a charm.) ◘ Straight up empathize: “John, I know your director required you to attend this workshop, and you’re struggling to understand its importance when you have so many other deadlines and things to do. Your contribution is really important to us, so how can we best get your valuable insights, and expertise?”
The AJ&Smart Summer Sale is LIVE 🟢
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The AJ&Smart Summer Sale is LIVE 🟢
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@Jonathan Courtney I can imagine! All good. 😊
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@Jonathan Courtney Got it! My bad - I think I was already seeing the right offer.
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