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In order to get acquainted and and help fellow community members, please share: 1. The name and location of your shop. 2. Your biggest frustration with finding techs. 3. How you found your last tech.
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Use this proven checklist to create help wanted ads that grab attention, make your shop stand out and generate a consistent flow of applications on demand.
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Our mission is to provide proven templates, strategies, training and top-level networking that help independent auto repair shops hire quality staff faster. ⚡ ⁣ 🙌 We are thrilled to have you here! 🙌 We don't want you to end up with a business that's unprofitable or stuck because you can't find good quality staff and it’s why we created this community.⁣ 💪 It’s time to get after it! 💪⁣ Over time, we will share with this community, everything we do on a day-to-day basis to generate 300 - 500 applications per week from high-quality technicians, service advisors, managers and every other staff position. These tools, strategies and techniques have allowed us on average to help over 100 shops per year to find good technicians and many other high-culture employees. We want to share everything we have learned and are currently implementing with you but more importantly, we want you to share what's working for you with the group! 🚀 [STEP 1] GETTING STARTED The best place to start is by downloading THE ULTIMATE TECHNICIAN AD CHECKLIST and following it each time you write a new ad for techs. You can find it here — 🚀 [STEP 2] PAY IT FORWARD There's 1 thing we ask of you since you’re new here to this community… Invite 3 fellow shop owners. That’s it. 👊 Send them this link to join our community 👉 This community is dedicated to taking the pain out of finding high-quality employees so you can build a high performance team and grow your business without limits… We share everything from: ✅ How to properly craft an irresistible help wanted ad that attracts high-quality employees
Is Your Next A-Tech Stalking You Right Now?
Ever heard of passive recruiting? It's a game-changer in the hunt for top talent. Here's the scoop: Potential candidates are quietly observing your shop's social media pages, sizing up if your shop could be their next workplace. What they see – from your culture to how you treat your team – matters more than you think. So, it's time to put your social media to work beyond just marketing. Think of it as your fishing line in the vast ocean of talent. Here's how to reel them in: ✅ Post Regularly: Keep your platforms buzzing with updates about day-to-day operations, milestones, and community involvement. ✅ Show, Don't Just Tell: Share photos and videos that capture the spirit of your team and the professionalism of your workplace. ✅ Stay Consistent: Even if you don't see immediate results, keep at it. Every post shapes your shop's image in the eyes of potential hires. Remember, you never know when a top-notch tech might be ready to make a move. Be the shop that's top of mind when that moment arrives.
Want the hack for finding good employees?
Be a good leader. 1. Have a clear and compelling mission statement and vision for your business that employees can buy into and be a part of. 2. Have clearly defined position descriptions for each role. 3. Have a defined onboarding process that brings new employees in comfortably, shows them the ropes and makes them feel like part of the team. 4. Have regular 1-on-1 meetings with team members so they always know where they stand. (Bonus points if you help keep them accountable for personal and life goals too.) 5. Make sure that team member's lives work inside and outside of the shop with personal and professional development opportunities. A-players want to be part of a team filled with other A-players that’s led by an A-player. It takes one to lead one.
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Proven templates, strategies, training and top-level networking to help independent auto repair shops hire quality staff faster.
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