Our mission is to provide proven templates, strategies, training and top-level networking that help independent auto repair shops hire quality staff faster. ⚡ ⁣
🙌 We are thrilled to have you here! 🙌
We don't want you to end up with a business that's unprofitable or stuck because you can't find good quality staff and it’s why we created this community.⁣
💪 It’s time to get after it! 💪⁣
Over time, we will share with this community, everything we do on a day-to-day basis to generate 300 - 500 applications per week from high-quality technicians, service advisors, managers and every other staff position.
These tools, strategies and techniques have allowed us on average to help over 100 shops per year to find good technicians and many other high-culture employees.
We want to share everything we have learned and are currently implementing with you but more importantly, we want you to share what's working for you with the group!
The best place to start is by downloading THE ULTIMATE TECHNICIAN AD CHECKLIST and following it each time you write a new ad for techs.
There's 1 thing we ask of you since you’re new here to this community…
Invite 3 fellow shop owners. That’s it. 👊
This community is dedicated to taking the pain out of finding high-quality employees so you can build a high performance team and grow your business without limits…
We share everything from:
✅ How to properly craft an irresistible help wanted ad that attracts high-quality employees
✅ How to use social media to find good employees
✅ How to use Indeed and other job boards the right way to find staff without spending a fortune
✅ How to get technicians to show up for interviews and keep them from ghosting you
✅ How to boost your help wanted ad results by 20% - 30%
✅ How to "sell the dream" and invite candidates into a story that motivates them to join your team
✅ How to set up passive recruiting systems that generate a consistent flow of quality candidates
✅ Live office hours calls to get your hiring questions answered
✅ Live shop owner interviews who have excelled in certain areas of recruiting and hiring
…And that's just for starters!⁣
P.S. — You can use the search feature in the menu bar above to search for anything in this community (it’s awesome)!
We want this community to be a safe space for everyone to contribute.
If you have questions, ASK!⁣
If you have advice or stories, SHARE! ⁣
If you feel like you can help someone else, then HELP!⁣
Let's get to it! 💪⁣
📩 If you need help, we’re here in this community every day.⁣
🔥 We look forward to helping you grow your business and reach your goals! ⁣
P.P.S. — Just a few housekeeping rules so that we can keep this as valuable as possible for everyone:
✅ No spam or promotions of any kind
✅ NO complaining or negative bs of any kind
✅ No links (unless specified in a post by an admin)
✅ No asking for Personal Messages or 2-steps
✅ No recruiting posts unless it's for your own shop
Good guidelines to follow:
—Give out help to others before asking for help yourself.
—If you want a response, ask specific questions.
—Report odd or suspicious behavior to service@technicianfind.com (or @ChrisLawson)
What you put into this community will reflect in what you get out.
We’re happy to have you and looking forward to helping you grow! 😎
Chris Lawson
Technician Find Community
Proven templates, strategies, training and top-level networking to help independent auto repair shops hire quality staff faster.
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