Alex with Gateway Auto
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Joined Jun 6, 2023
Avid off-roader and mechanic turned shop owner.
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Joined Apr 11, 2023
8 bay shop with top end/updated equipment and teniered, competent front end staff.
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Owner at Stop & Go Brake and Service Centre, Seaford, Victoria, Australia
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2 shops in Illinois
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I help Family Owned Small Businesses making at least $500k grow past $1m, in an Ethical and Sustainable way | Private Investor |
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Somers, CT
Work at leading and growing great people. Interested in less stress and a clear mind
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I'm a car guy
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Auto repair shop owner with my husband since 2005. Always learning, always growing!
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Household Outsourcing and Family Systems Pro, helping entrepreneurial families gain more time, energy and freedom of focus
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Tucson AZ
Second generation shop owner, Sirianni Automotive.
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San Antonio, TX
Young enthusiastic entrepreneur
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Joined May 21, 2024
Automotive repair shop business owner!
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Rome Ga
33 years in business. 3 bays 2 techs plus myself and ocassional service writer
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From shop owner to influential coach, Gerry exemplifies his commitment to excellence and his passion for empowering others in the automotive industry.
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Owner of Frank’s Servicenter and Glenwood foreign car. Located in Bucks County Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia
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I own a shop in Horseshoe Bay, Tx.
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100% repair shop owner located in Savannah GA.
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Still Figuring it out
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2nd gen shop owner looking to raise the bar in auto repair.
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Auto Shop Owner since 1999. Grateful for the team we have. Coach and Speaker to auto shop owners.
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Performance Automotive is a small family shop with very high standards in ethics and work quality.
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Atlanta Speedwerks
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Angel (Kauai)
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Joined May 21, 2023
Owner of Jimmy's automotive center in Asheville Nc. We have been in business since 1987 general repair shop still loving it keep building it.
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Joined Sep 27, 2023
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Joined May 3, 2024
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