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No Warranty Work?
[Instant staffing hack] Something you can do right now to ROI this post: Word on the street is that dealer techs are getting tired of warranty work because they feel like they aren’t getting paid what a job is worth. No surprise there. Here’s the surprise, how few independent shops are mentioning this in their ads. Adding a simple line to your ads for techs like “No Warranty Work” or “Tired of not getting paid what a job is worth?" Will grab the attention of techs who are stuck inside of dealers with unfavorable policies on warranty work. Try this tactic out and let me know how it works for you.
New comment May 29
No Warranty Work?
2 likes • May 29
So true! Great idea
Thinking about offering a sign on bonus?
It seems straightforward. Offer good money and get good techs. But it's not always that easy. Here's a little tutorial on offering a sign on bonus for an auto or diesel tech. Sign On Bonuses 101: If you don't need to offer one to be competitive in your area, don't. This isn't going to be a dealbreaker for a strong candidate who resonates with your culture. 1. Don't offer anything ridiculous like $10,000 - $15,000 in your ads. Most techs have been or know someone who has been burned by this dealer scam. They know they will never see this $ and it's total B.S. It will hurt your reputation. 2. If you are negotiating with a tech one-on-one, you can offer anything you both agree to that sounds fair. 3. If you are running an ad that lots of techs will see, $2K - $5K is the sweet spot. 4. Pay out a portion when the box drops then the remainder over 30 / 60 / 90 days. Sign on bonuses grab attention but they won't be the primary deciding factor for the right candidate. #Jobs #Staffing #Employment #StaffingAgency #Repair #Auto #Hiring #Automotive #Mechanic #Technician #TechnicianFind #AutoRepair #AutoRepairShop
New comment May 29
Thinking about offering a sign on bonus?
2 likes • May 29
This is awesome! We do a similar system where we offer $5k bonus but also a $2k referral bonus. Where we give someone that refers, $1k on the day of hire then another $1k at 90. The tech gets their bonus at 90. This seems to work well for us with tough to fill spots in smaller markets. But no matter where, we set solid expectations before they get going so that we get what we want out of them by giving them the time, tools, training, and accountability that they need to be successful
Shop Inspections: How to Up Your Game by Learning from Your Peers
A shop inspection can help you identify what works and what can be improved in your shop to boost efficiency and profitability. Here are some key areas to focus on during your visit: =>Executive Division =>HR =>Communications =>Inspection & Reports =>Marketing/Promotion and Sales =>Treasury =>Production =>Quality Control/Quality Assurance/Training =>Public Relations/Goodwill We will have several shop visits available for folks who come in early next week. You can download the full Shop Inspection Form that attendees will be using next week on this page. There’s still time to register for the event. Early bird pricing is over but if you’re reading this, let me know and I can get you connected with a special pricing link that will save you $400! Take care, -Chris
New comment May 26
Shop Inspections: How to Up Your Game by Learning from Your Peers
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Inspections are key! Great post Chris
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