🔗 All the Resources you ever need as a Content Creator
A list of resources you have been searching for as a content creator:
Thumbnail tester - it shows you how your thumbnail and title will look like in the recommended feed
Thumbs Up - it shows how your thumbnail will look on different devices
Remove.bg - removes backgrounds on photos, so you can make cool thumbnails
Canva - A free way to create thumbnails
Luminar Ai - Transform boring photos to thumbnails that pop
Photoshop - If Canva is not enough, and you want something more powerful
- a creator focused on teaching YouTubers how to create thumbnails his Twitter and Discord server is a must-follow for every content creator also his free resources such as the Thumbnail Guide and the Red Arrow pack
Thumbnail Colors - learn about the color combinations that the most viral thumbnails have
Jay - Thumbnail designer
Music and Sound Effects:
Streambeats - free music (mostly lofi) by Harris Heller
Uppbeat.io - free music for every genre, you must credit the author and you limited to 10 downloads per month
Audiolibrary - free music, you have to give credit to the author
Epidemic Sounds - The most quality music on the market but you can only use the music till you have a subscription
Artlist - also a premium music service, you can use the music forever, but you have to pay upfront for a yearly subscription
Sound Effects - create an epidemic sounds account, and you can download sound effects for free
Alibi - Quality film like music and SFX
Klezma - NFT music that you get paid for using, It's not ready yet, but hopefully launching soon
note: you can find every sound effect on youtube for free
Pexels - best site for free stock footage and videos
Cover - free stock footages
Storyblocks - premium stock footage and videos (quantity)
Artgrid - Cinematic premium stock footage and videos (quality)
Noun Project - quality minimalistic icons
Flaticon - colored icons
Blop Animation - idk I thought they look cool
Motion Graphics - texts that makes your video look pro
Flourish - Data visualization
Jake Tomas - a creator specialized in making the best titles
Creator Hooks - Jake Tomas newsletter about titles
Thumbnail tester - it shows you how your thumbnail and title will look like in the recommended feed
Synthesizer Editing Crash Course - learn a basic edit, that will help with retention
HillierSmith - learn from the best editor on youtube
Finzar - learn meme edit
Mario Joos - Learn retention from MrBeast retention director
Midjourney Shorts - explains how to create custom shorts with Midjounrey AI
- I'm Andrew's ex-video editor, I can help you learn editing, or we can work together if you need an editor, just DM me
Ideal avatar workshop - find your tribe
Heros Journey template - if you need some help writing your story
Reddit map - find similar topics and research ideas
Film Booth - A channel dedicated to becoming a Youtuber, (ignore the other channels in this niche, they are outdated)
The Publish Press - newsletter for content creators
Colin and Samir - best podcasts with the biggest content creators
Ali Abdaal - learn how to become a Youtuber from 0
Paddy Galloway - breaking down, why YouTubers succeeded
Benedek Santa
🔗 All the Resources you ever need as a Content Creator
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