Small and portable recording environment.
Since the recording environment is important I have been looking into building my own “Hobo Fort”. However, space is a bit of an issue for me. So I have been looking into building a small “Hobo Fort”. I thought I would share my thoughts with you.
My current idea is as follows:
1. Get a “BXI Portable Sound Recording Vocal Booth Box” (
2. Using some blankets to cover the back (and my head) when I am recording. Something like Sure-Max 8 Moving & Packing Blankets - Ultra Thick Pro - 80" x 72" (65 lb/dz weight) - Professional Quilted Shipping Furniture Pads Black :
Ultimately the result will look like the picture in Step 8 on this site
What do you think of this idea? Do you think it would be suitable for voice over? I would appreciate all advice offered regarding this.
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