Where I live down here in deep south Texas. You still have power outages and wifi outages.
Friday was one of them. Power way out and wifi was out as well. So the question is what do you do if it hits you on the very day you have a project due?
The power outage is an easy fix, buy an large external battery that last say for 4 hours.
Now the wifi. That's a toughy. I have that happen to me when Houston got hit by a Hurricane, I went to the nearest hospital or I could have gone to a fire house or police station, and was going to use their electricity. all three have back up generations. But here all three are too far for me to go to. And I don't drive anymore by chose. And I think wifi towers have their own back up power. ( as long and the don't get knocked down.)
Any ideas?
Bill Freeman Jr.
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