At one of the AmA's Earl talked about finding work in your area. Talk to people and tell them what you do. Go to small business gatherings and talk to other business owners (My learned experience) and then about your voice over business. Not comfortable with that one cousin Who I found out about through Ancestry co Wrote a book. Talked to her offered to do a trailer for her for free and explained how for me it would be practice. But for her I would post it on Face book ( free advertisement for her), before I finished she e-mailed me a photo of the back of her book. Next person was my sister-in- law. Her sister wrote and published a book. I couldn't get a hold of her. So I talked to my sister-in- law Short answer is I've put the finishing touch on it and will be posting It on my Face book page. Why on my page? I'm starting there and show ceasing my work. But if she contacts me and ask to put it on her page or where ever. I'm still show casing my work and Face book you'll see Adds for promoting books. I'm doing the same thing but I'm showing my work not just asking who wants to have their book promoted. And the last one is I called a long time friend with the idea of doing a comical promo for his business. while talking to him, he stopped me and then put us on a three way call with someone he works with. And bingo! I got my first paying gag. So why did I title this discovering? Because I discovered I like hunting for work. And with that thought I'm am looking at one old hunting ground, Email production companies and letting them know I'm here right in their back yard. And the pay to play web sights. I've also discovered that it's not busy work, and for some they might think is hunting for small game. I'll take a dozen small game while looking for the big one.
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Bill Freeman Jr.
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