Since I started learning voice over work. I've had three coaches, The first one passed a few years back.
But when I was working with her she was going strong at 80 plus years old. The second one who I worked with the longest. Just closed his studio a few months back. I still see and chat with him on Face book. The third one I asked when was he coming to Houston. And a month later he announced he was coming to Dallas. I even paid him to make my Demo. I still have his number and see him on my Face book page as well. But we haven't said a word to each other in years. They all have their strong points that I picked up and still use today. But I hadn't done much until I ran across Earl's videos, I can't remember which one that started me thinking it's time to get back to work. And for the most part it's not impotent which one it was. One of them spoke to me and next thing I know I found myself in the hunt to work and lost in the weeds but looking to win. Earl has something my three other coaches didn't have. And that is a message that if you fight to win you will win. And now he's set up a small group of us to follow in his foot steps to win. This is not the end, but a beginning for those who want it.
Like I said I can never take anything away from the other coaches. But Earl stand out from them.
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Bill Freeman Jr.
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