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Look what i got back At 3A.M.

Hey cuz!

You have an amazing voice! You definitely belong in voice over or radio!

<Things worth noting!>

You had a few pauses or "voice typos" 馃榾

Dr. Kennedy and Dr. (Not Ms.)Lawson

Just a lil bumpy in places

Maybe slow down just a lil, so folks can process vocab better.

I appreciate you very much for doing this!

Sorry for delay. I had to get it done in a quiet place.

Let's chat soon!

Cousin Evelyn

To put somethings in context.

We didn't know about each other until around a year ago. Found her through Ancestry.

i knew nothing about my fathers mother, my grand father remarried. But there was nothing left about her. So I didn't knew Evelyn had a Phd. And the last time talked with her, I found out that Dr.Kennedy passed last year from covid.

I was already working on a revision, I noticed the same thing that she and group member noticed.

One down two to go.馃槉

p.s. I'm also contacting other relatives, Two lawyers, And one state rep. I let them know I'm doing this as practice for now. But if they really like the results that I will post them on line.

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