I want to take a second to start this post by saying thank you, these last few months the Saturday ama has helped me grow exponentially as a vo talent.but not just with my vo abilities but with everything, so a glowing endorsement from earl has made me feel I'm more prepared than I thought.Or maybe I knew but needed the push.So allow me to introduc The Well Moderated Q & A . Premiere episode will be June 3rd 2023 at 1 pm est on zoom. (Link to follow as we get to mid may).

All questions and comments will be welcomed. Let's continue to grow as a family, let's add as a family. As always with me if I don't know, let's find out together. All my experiences and thinks I've learned through all my tech experiences will be shared.. More to follow but wanted every one to know that I'm here and ready to share and grow..!!!

The Well Moderated Q & A

W/ Michael w. Ray

1pm on zoom

Sat June 3rd


You want to learn about your gear, learn how to edit and process audio, and of course, how to grow your client base. We tackle it all here. Welcome!

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