PSBS Council Member & BAKND Warrior. Our Family Motto is 'Be The Example and Not The Excuse' - Videographer, Editor, Websites - TikTok @khalilarashid
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Buffalo, NY
I’m an administrative assistant. I enjoying singing and songwriting, soap making and aromatherapy and so much more.
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Coming out of retirement to launch a Voice Over business.
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Memphis, TN
Brand new to the journey and ready to make my new path. Very excited to learn all I can to start making a difference.
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Atlanta, GA
VO beginner trying to see where this passion takes me.
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I’m a dj and now voice artist and audio producer. I’m interested in all nerdy thing computer tech, anime, and video games!
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Clinical Psychologist working in NZ with hubby David who is a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Our passion is helpng people with unresolved trauma.
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Loving, living life and love to inspire others
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Voice Artist
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Waldorf, MD
The GRIEVE Coach. Minister, Fire & Police Chaplain, and Grief Educator with 10+ years of experience in guiding the grieving community.
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Hello World! I'm new to voice acting and ready to learn. I enjoy playing the trumpet, working out and reading books. Lets connect!
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North Carolina
Athlete, Musician, Poet, Software Developer, Software Tester, Songwriter, Singer and Teacher/Trainer
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Hypnotist and VO
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I'm a budding VO artist. That's all.
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Hello, My name is Keonte' Herrera and I am currently making the decision to start a business in voice over!
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VO Artist, Technologist, Musician, Citizen Scientist and Philosopher
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Songstress, vocalist, creative, connoisseur of music, and a neophyte who is interested in learning and growing in the voice-over community.
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At present I not working after a Stroke that has left me left side not fully functioning. So, this my next step in relearning things.
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I live in the KC area. I have a YouTube channel called "HIS Words Spoken" and I want to be a voice over artist.
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I have 20+ years of experience in radio broadcasting. I am a General Manager at YCRadio and a board operator/engineer at WGBB 1240 AM Radio.
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New York
I’m a musician who’s just getting started in voiceover.
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Former commercial truck driver Interested in starting a new career in voiceover work.
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Canton, Ga
I'm a... Singer, Reader, Teacher, Painter, T1 Diabetic, Mother of 4, Wife, classic movie lover, movie quoter, Gamer of boards/cards/dice/ & dnd
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Play Guitar, Studying Voice Over Techniques, playing video games with friends, spending time with the family
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New to voiceovers, Look forward to gaining more knowledge about this industry, to be able to talk and learn with people who has the same interest.
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I'm a part time voiceover artist. I love aviation, music, good food, basketlball, and sci-fi movies.
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I been in VO for 3 years, I love it, and I want to learn all I can, my goal is to create content and make great audio, thank you for this platform.
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I've been behind the mic for 3 yrs, i'm striving to develop stronger VO skills and produce great audio, thank you for this opportunity to learn.
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Denver Colorado
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