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Would you like to be on The Earl Hall Show?
The Earl Hall Show is officially launching May 25th! The show will cover how entrepreneurs use social media to build their businesses. If you would like to be interviewed by me on this and get more exposure for your business DM me and let’s make it happen 😃
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YES! Most definitely Earl also my email address is Thanks for considering I thank God for you Earl! 💥💯
"Unlock Your Hidden Talent: Become A Voice Actor In Just 4 Steps!"
Are you ready to unlock your inner voice and become a professional voice actor? This video will help you discover the secrets to becoming a successful voice actor in just four easy steps. Find out how to access a wealth of opportunities, develop the required skills, prepare for auditions, and land your first gig. Unlock your hidden talent today and take your first steps toward becoming a professional voice actor! GRAB THE BOOK HERE #UnlockYourTalent #VoiceActingJourney #BecomeAVoiceActor #HiddenTalentUnleashed #4StepsToSuccess
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Good for U Vernice 👍
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Good for U Vernessa McVay 💥
The Earl Hall Show - My New Podcast!
There are so many great things happening inside of Earl Hall Studio right now! I have spent many years in the voice-over community and look forward to many more. And, I know that what I teach so many of you can be used by so many more that are entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you. This is why I am launching my new podcast soon called The Earl Hall Show! The Earl Hall Show is all about digital marketing and content creation. Hosted by Earl Hall, a seasoned digital marketer and content creator, the show features interviews with experts in the field, as well as actionable tips and advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow their online presence, generate qualified leads, and increase sales. I hope that you will continue to join me as I continue to help small business owners just like build a successful businesses 😊
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Congratulations Doc Earl I'm not only behind everything U do but I'm with U 100%!💥💯
8 Week Course Outline On Using Adobe Audition For Voice Over
Would any of you be interested in taking this 8-week course I am putting together starting in June? The price will be just $397. Let me know in the comments. If enough people are interested I will do it 😊 Week 1: Introduction to Adobe Audition - Introduction to Adobe Audition workspace - Understanding audio file formats - Importing audio files into Adobe Audition - Basic audio editing and navigation Week 2: Understanding Signal Processing - Introduction to signal processing - Understanding EQ (Equalization) and how to apply it - Understanding Compression and how to apply it - How to use dynamics processing to normalize audio levels Week 3: Working with Audio Effects - Introduction to audio effects - How to use normalization and compression effect - How to use the de-esser effect Week 4: Removing Background Noise - Understanding background noise - Techniques to remove background noise - Using spectral frequency display to identify noise - Using noise reduction effect Week 5: Multitrack Editing - Introduction to multitrack editing - Creating and managing tracks - Basic mixing and panning techniques - Creating fades and crossfades Week 6: Advanced Mixing Techniques - Introduction to advanced mixing techniques - Using effects to enhance the vocal performance - Creating custom EQ settings to enhance vocals Week 7: Mastering - Introduction to mastering - Understanding loudness and normalization - Using EQ and compression to master voiceover audio - Exporting mastered audio files for submission Week 8: Final Projects and Review: - Creating a final project - Applying all techniques learned throughout the course - Review and feedback on final project - Tips on how to continue learning and growing as a voice actor
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Earl that's Import/Export music please add. Thanks
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My bad Earl I see you already have that included om week 1 Importing audio files.
Finally! I got some work!
A year in from starting out doing VO, I got my first audiobook jobs! Two! I'm so excited!
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Congratulations Greg Cooper! 💥
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