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February Events!
There's a lot going on this month, check it out! ⬇️ 📆February 6th - Simplicity Spotlight: SEC Compliance Solutions LLC : Join us for an in-depth discussion on SCS’s philosophy, understanding SEC expectations, and how SCS can be your partner in overcoming compliance challenges. 👉 Register Here 📆 February 13th - Redtail Made Simple: Pro Tips from a Power User: After five years of mastering the ins and outs of Redtail, @Katherine Beltran a seasoned power user, is ready to share her invaluable pro tips with you. Don't miss this chance to learn from a true expert. 👉Register Here 📆February 28th - Workflow Webinar: Expedite CRM Maintenance with Simplicity Ops: Streamline your Wealthbox experience with our Quarterly Wealthbox Maintenance Workflow. Learn how to optimize your processes and ensure a smooth operation. 👉 Register Here
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Start here
Hello! Welcome to the RIA Operators community. The goal of this skool is to unlock the best version of you and your RIA. It's taking the initiative to recognize there is a need for improvement, and moving forward with the changes. It's about being driven rather than complacent. ~@Katherine Beltran Start by checking out these links: - Classroom - Roadmap - Mission - Resources - RIA Operating System - Work with Simplicity Ops To kick things off, please comment below or create a post introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Where are you from? 2. Why did you join this community? 3. What project are you currently focused on? See you in the comments!
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Archiving for Skool?
I'm wanting to launch my own skool community for my niche. Does anyone know of an archiving solution for this? Thank you
Zapier | Calendly | Redtail
Is anyone using Zapier with Calendly and Redtail? I have a question about how to create a Zap when someone cancels or reschedules via Calendly and how to update it on Redtail using a Zap. TIA
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Recently Received Question: Can you change the Tag Group Name in Redtail?
Yes! 1. Click on “Contacts” on the left navigation menu. 2. Click on “Lists” on the top menu. 3. Click on “Tag Groups”. 4. Find the Tag Group you wish to update. 5. Click on the Action Icon to the left of the name (little circle with a down arrow). 6. Click on “edit”. 7. Update the Name field then click on the green “Update tag group” button.
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