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*It has been a while since we started this community, so we thought it is a great opportunity for everyone to reintroduce themselves! For those of you who are new WELCOME to the RIA Operators community. The goal of this community is to connect with other RIA Operators, Owners, Founders and CSA’s to learn and grow from one another. Start by checking out these links: - Classroom - Calendar - Monthly Value Calls - Work with Simplicity Ops We want this space to be a network of resources for you. So, please comment below and introduce (or re-introduce) yourself. Let us know: 1. Where are you from? 2. What type of Advisory firm do you work at? 3. What’s your biggest pain point right now in your firm? See you in the comments!
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Zosk AI Note Taking
Hello all, thanks in advance to anyone that can reply with details. I am considering Zosk AI note taking and wondering if there are advisors/firms here with experience using them. Feedback is appreciated.
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Operations Roadmap
I am being tasked with developing a Roadmap for operations should we increase our AUM by another $500mln in assets. Has anyone done this before? If you're willing, please share your thoughts. Going from $1.5bln to $2bln+ has alot of factors; # of accounts, # of clients, # of assets. I know adding to staff is a given, what other areas should I be thinking of. Thank you in advance for any responses.
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Texting, Archiving & CRM Integration
Hi all! I’m currently in the process of building out a tech platform for my firm that is transitioning away from the B/D world and starting our own RIA in August. My life is full of demos and visually mapping all the different tools that we have access to but with so many options, sometimes “analysis paralysis” kicks in 😵‍💫 Next item on my list is texting and achieving for the advisors on our team. Major Priorities: Modern UI, Easy to Use, Integrated and Relaiable CRM: After tons of demos we elected to go with Wealthbox for our CRM. Loving it so far and spending time in the weeds of building out all of our workflows now. Texting: I’ve explored solutions from Zoom, Global Relay, Smarsh, Redtail and CurrentClient. Archiving: GR, Smarsh and Presults Here is was I’m leaning towards: CurrentClient and Presults. These two have an integration so all texts through CC would be able to be archived by Presults. CC also has an integration with Wealthbox so data is synced and communication is logged. Both platforms have a modern UI. My concern is that both are relatively new players so I’m wondering if anyone has any experience they can share (good or bad!). I welcome any other recommendations or thoughts as well!
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Open Account for New Client
Has anyone made a whiteboard for this? I do not see a template.
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