Whats your yearly plan? Bulk/cut?
Hey guys, share your yearly plans!
I am continueing a slow bulk for another week. Getting a bit fluffy but looking BIG at the same time. Bear mode!
Then clearing up for 2 weeks by starting measuring kcals again, around maintenance or slightly below. Then one week into march I am doing a 12 week cut. Aiming to loose around 0,5kg per week for a total of 6-7kg down in total. Starting the cut at around 101kg BW (ca 225lbs)
That puts me with a nice lean physique at starting of June. Then maintenance to end of july (8 weeks). No counting kcals for summer, just staying off too much of the good stuff. Then another veeeeeryyyyy slow bulk phase all the way to march 2025 again, no measuring. Could be a minicut in there somewhere before christmas.
So I only have to count kcals for 14 weeks (+ mini cut if I do that) of the year. I hate counting ;)
What are your guys plans?
Max Villman
Whats your yearly plan? Bulk/cut?
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