What style should I choose?
Context: I currently have long hair and I am getting a hair transplant to restore my hair line...
I am on the fence between staying with my laidback but flashy style with long hair, or returning to my overly dressed super professional look with short hair.
Michael Sartain has stated that having short hair on the sides makes your jaw look more defined.
On the otherside Alex hormozi mentions how having his big beard made him very recognizable and memorable.
What are the thoughts of all the thots out there? Or anyone in here that "gets it".
Examples below.
Johnny Dep could still get a decent loan wearing a band shirt and cowboy hat.
James Bond can wear a suit to the beach.
Getting dressed and having a job is too much work. Just shave your head and live on a nude beach.
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Kyle Mullaney
What style should I choose?
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