Huge success but also big failure | first event
First sushi Monday event update!
So out of the maybe 40 or so girls i invited,
2 agreed to come and invited their friends
I thought it would 12 girls but they invited some guy friends.
2 of the girls were more attractive (of course all humans have value but for our purposes attractiveness matters lol) (also for me who also looking to make more friends its kinda fine.
The event went well. I was happy i managed to get so many people to come. I think people had fun, some looked bored at times but in general good.
After sushi event we went back to my place to talk more and play games.
I noticed that as the event went on more and more my status in the group plummeted and people were not interested in me whatsoever lol.
Which is a rare thing for me these days as I've practiced my social skill and usually very popular in new groups.
Out of the girls I invited I didn't see romatinc signs of interest in me at all 馃槀 even though it was mostly girls and gay guys.
Conclusion: I think the reason people didn't like me much was because I was too worried and focused on if people were having a good time that I myself wasn't present and enjoying myself. Being my usual charismatic self.
Joy Wu
Huge success but also big failure | first event
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