How AI is Paving the Way for a New Middle-Class
Y'all, an article so doggone good, I had to share it. I had to .pdf this article!! Wow, Amazing, Facts, Truth, Everything!! I posted certain aspects of the article. Tell me if you agree........
(((We humans like to feel in control of our destinies. Like eternal toddlers, we revolt against forces that limit our ability to decide our individual and collective future — even if they are good for us.
Behavioral science, embraced by many commercial and public companies hoping to attract customers and nudge population segments, is always looking over its shoulder at the shadow of its past rooted in propaganda and manipulation. Not to mention its fictionalized narratives involving AI stoking dystopian fears or weaving utopian dreams.
Beyond strategies, implementation plans, human resources (HR) mindfulness initiatives and specific/measurable/achievable/realistic/timely (SMART) goal key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring, organizations and societies alike will face widespread systemic and structural disruption.
We need to brace ourselves for strong impacts. Technology-driven changes will demand more than shifting individual mindsets and guided meditation apps. What once inspired crowds to mount barricades in the streets will happen while everyone is home alone generating the next viral LOL cat video with AI.
The current VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment of technological advancement is undermining systems and structures that have become complacent and over-reliant on predictable and stable global socio-economic arrangements. Neither public nor private organizations, and often not even individual work teams, always know all the aspects of their work that are critical to the achievement of the desired outcome. As a result, their energy is often misallocated (or over-invested) into non-critical elements while critical elements remain under-supported.
AI can amplify benefits, but it can just as easily strengthen ill-conceived processes and exacerbate existing socio-economic and environmental dangers. What are the trade-offs a society or organization is willing to accept to bring AI’s benefits? History teaches us many things can go wrong in blind pursuit of technological progress.
But if we focus together on our shared values, ethics, and vision for the future we have a better chance than ever to design a world where technology amplifies our human potential instead of diminishing it.)))
Stevie Note: Problem is: Humanity will never focus together in its current state. Humanity does not share values, ethics, vision, morales, goals (VEVMG). Never has and never will. Not has a biological entity on Planet Earth. The only time humanity focuses on a "common goal or good" is when being oppressed or enslaved. But as soon as that element is eliminated; Back to the BS!!
We should stop being "Prophets of 1984." A person in a nice home in Virginia or California does not have the same VEVMG as a person in Compton or living on Kensington Ave in Philly. Or even in the South Sudan. Equality and Equity for Everyone should mean that when it comes out the "Prosperity Preachers of AI" lips. Everyone; not just everyone they have the opportunity to come in front of to "preach the Gospel of AI." And if you take a close look and listen; they say the same thing as the MegaChurches.
Great Article!!
Stephen Pullum
How AI is Paving the Way for a New Middle-Class
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