I teach English and Spanish as foreign languages. I have a passion for teaching and would love to learn more about setting up my own enterprise.
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Diving in teacherpreneurship
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Ciao! I'm an Italian language teacher. I'm a freelance and I work from remote. I would like to fully express my potential and have more free time.
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Enthusiastic teacherpreneur ready for a new opportunity and challenges.
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Abu Dhabi
I teach Business English and am a community guide in VR. I have been traveling most of my life. I exercise regularly.
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Language coach, into how the brain works, implicit learning, experiential English, psychology, neuroscience.
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I’m a Japanese language teacher building my online business and trying to learn more about niche and copywriting (I guess because one feed the other).
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ESL Teacher
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Sales and Language Coaching
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I'm new to teaching English and am trying to learn as much as I can to be a better teacher and earn more.
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@gloriasenglish on IG Cambridge CELTA English #teacher | Coding + Robotics facilitator | Creative Computing #ScratchPals
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I specialise in Academic IELTS prep. with a particular focus on writing.
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I am very interested in how teaching/coaching intersects with entrepreneurship. Tools and strategies to scale my business are a top priority.
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Brazilian teacher working online and reaching out for new possibilities
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Music & EFL Teacher
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Dominican Republic
My 90-day goal: Set up a blueprint and groundwork to launch my agency.
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A newcomer to teaching. Work as a speaking instructor in a training centre in Vietnam. Background in IT analysis and mentorship.
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I absolutely love to teach English and volunteer in my community. I am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge and skills.
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English teacher for teens and adults with general speaking goals. Cambridge exam instructor.(Pet/First). Life long learner!
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I’m an English educator in Brazil who help Brazilian expats build a healthier relationship with their English by using humanistic approaches. 😉
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Teacher of English as a Second/Foreign/Additional language. Mostly Cambridge exams, IELTS, IGCSE plus Language support for GCSE and A level subjects.
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I'm from the US, but I live and work in Peru, teaching business professionals that want to feel more comfortable conversing socially in English
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Do you want to fall in love with Berlin? I help BERLIN lovers to learn basic German, to get around, and talk to the locals.
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Just looking to improve what I have while encountering new ideas.
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Hi, I'm Nick from the UK. I work as an independent teacher helping busy adults to improve their communicative competence.
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Oxford, the United Kingdom
English Language Trainer and Translator
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I'm an experienced and qualified online teacher just starting my new business journey!
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