Language Trainer/Material Developer-Interested in what truly helps people overcome obstacles encountered when learning/teaching a Foreign/2nd Language
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I was born with Innate Ability to talk; I acquired language by Understanding Messages in My life Contexts.
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I´m a dynamic educator with a rich background in language, drama, and education. I like to empower students through immersive learning experiences.
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A Coruña
I'm Pilar Gómez and I live in Barcelona. I teach Spanish for adults online. Looking for my niche right now 🥁💃
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Greek language teacher
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I’m an English teacher. I’ve been teaching online for the past 5 years.
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Multilingual & Multipassionate 24+ year veteran high school science teacher building a language teaching & digital products business on the side.
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I am a Professor & Communications expert who helps coaches, trainers & educators develop their communication skills.
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Try and make things happen
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I'm humaning. I also write, sing, and teach. Among a hundred other things.
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Hi, I am Elodie and a French teacher. I am beginning my teaching online business for French teaching.
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Just looking to improve what I have while encountering new ideas.
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American accent coach and Founder of and 'The Accent Training Podcast'
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Diplomirani profesor italijanskog jezika i književnosti. Pomažem učenicima da nauče italijanski na zabavan način i uživaju u italijanskoj kulturi.
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Belgrade, Serbia
I’m from Liverpool, UK and currently provide Business English services in Hamburg, Germany as well as fluency training at
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I specialise in Academic IELTS prep. with a particular focus on writing.
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English teacher from Porto Alegre/RS/Brazil
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Ciao! I'm an Italian language teacher. I'm a freelance and I work from remote. I would like to fully express my potential and have more free time.
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I'm an English and intercultural trainer based in the of Germany. I predominantly teach in company but also university students.
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English teacher based in Spain.
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British teacher based in Malaysia
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Bouchra Benkhalifa
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Teacher, CELTA Trainer, Speaking Examiner
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Online Business English trainer since 2012, Scotland-based. Moving away from freelancing towards autonomy! Play tennis whenever possible.
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I'm a professional language tutor with 8+ years experience of teaching adults
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I have 15 years experience teaching English. I focus on teaching IELTS and I am an IELTS Speaking Examiner.
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Hi, I'm Nick from the UK. I work as an independent teacher helping busy adults to improve their communicative competence.
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Oxford, the United Kingdom
EFL teacher&mindfulness teacher for kids and their parents; VYL&YL teacher trainer and mentor for conscious teacher(preneur)s.
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I'm Martina, I'm Irish and I've taught in Madrid for 20 years, now I 've decided to just teach online and so that's how I stumbled upon this group
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