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Hello to all. Does anyone know where I can find tips/resources for creating simple, attractive materials? The idea is to create a PDF that would accompany an online group course I'm starting in April. But this part is all new to me, as I've never prepared my own materials before. I don't have time for a course on content creation - just need ideas on how actually to get something ready to share that looks great and helps my students remember key takeaways, etc. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Sweet, thank you @Andrew Woodbury
The concept of Accelerate to Fail takes so much pressure off!
Hi @Andrew Woodbury , @Michael Landry and @Leonardo Gomes and fellow 5in30 Bootcampers. I'm back in the swing of the program after completing a work project that was eating pretty much all of my free time. Finished Module 1 today and am excited to move forward. In the Accelerate to Fail video, Andrew talks about how they were paralized for a LONG time by their own perfectionism, false expectations, needless worry and overthinking. This is so relatable. Thanks for putting my own anxieties into words and reminding us all that the forward momentum is much more important than figuring everything out ahead of time, which can simply feel like treading water. It also reminds me that "done is better than perfect".
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Have you also waited for the perfect moment? Do you resonate with what we experienced? Are you trapped in the consumption wheel?
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Yes, I definitely can relate to the feeling of paralysis due to self-doubt, lack of clarity, and perhaps a bit of reluctance to get out of my comfort zone. It's encouraging to know you guys wrestled with similar issues and overcame them.
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I think I first need to determine who I would be most helpful to, if given the choice. Then, figure out HOW to help them best!
Glad to be back on TSN
Hello to all. I'm returning after a long hiatus, in which I've simply tread the hamster wheel of selling my time doing 1:1 lessons online for an agency. While I enjoy many aspects of this work, I want to learn to implement strategies to build my confidence, narrow down to a niche, and grow as a teacherpreneur. Glad to be back!
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@Michael Landry I'm currently selling my time for an agency, and my students run the gamut from young children to professionals. I need to think about which ones from among that large and rather varied group of people I think I am most helpful to, and which ones I am most motivated to work with.
Forming an Idea for a Course
#Core Task I too find this Jessica's journey inspiring. I love how she just started and made adjustments along the way. She's clearly passionate and enjoying what she does. I feel pretty certain that I don't want to be too active on social media, though I am thinking about how to build at least a minimal online presence of some sort. I'm still trying to narrow down what I'd like to teach. I think, for students who love reading and want to improve their conversational English, which is one profile I know I resonate with and feel fairly confident about, I have an idea. I want at least one course that revolves around discussion of what someone's reading (or has read), as a cornerstone of conversation. It could include: 1. Discussion of plot, with a slight focus on tense/time in relating a story. 2. Character analysis, for adjectives and other descriptive practice. 3. Personal thoughts about the book, characters, and author, to practice giving opinions. 4. Perhaps some simple writing could be integrated. 5. Deep reading of a key passage or chapter, etc. I have other ideas too about possible mini-courses I'd like to do. I'm also very interested in how to teach listening more effectively. But this idea is probably the one with the most shape in my mind at the moment.
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