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Have you also waited for the perfect moment? Do you resonate with what we experienced? Are you trapped in the consumption wheel?
Viviann Napp
Andrew Woodbury
Nicolette Taljaard
Adam Fletcher
Debbie Muller
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@Michael Toczek I think I should adopt that mantra as well. The first step is identifying the problem, no?
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@Michael Toczek Exactly!
Teaching Listening Made Easy - anniversary giveaway
*Comment "listening" below if you're interested. Three years ago we launched our flagship course: Teaching Listening Made Easy. It was the height of the pandemic and we like many had just moved our business from a face-to-face model to an online model. We had no idea if it would work. As soon as things shut down, we ran a series of webinars called "Pedagogy before Technology." The aim of the series was to help teachers make the transition from their physical classroom to their digital one. You can see a recording of one of those sessions here - we all look a bit younger 🤣 What came of that session was a niche we didn't know existed up until that point: how to teach listening skills. We got message after message about listening and how teachers struggled to improve the SKILL of listening and not just TEST comprehension. From that, Teaching Listening Made Easy was born. It's a course that walks you through the steps of: - teaching the skill of listening - creating autonomous learners in their listening - using any authentic text with any student - never having to plan again - a transferable process you can use in any course you design We tackle three essential stages of a listening lesson: 1. Pre-listening 2. While listening 3. Post listening And how - with this process - you won't need to plan again and your student will be able to see remarkable progress in processing and overall listening skills. It's also by far our most successful standalone course we've produced. To honour the 3-year anniversary, we're offering anyone the chance to jump in and take the course at a 30% discount. At our roots, CPD and how languages are learned is why we started LYE in the first place. This course really does embody that, at least to us. If you want to take how you approach listening to the next level, comment "listening" below or send us a message and we'll get you access to the course for the discount.
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Lori DeChellis
Andrew Woodbury
Anthony Green
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Loved this course! If you are on the fence, do it! You won't regret it.
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Do you resonate with what we experienced in terms of trying to please everyone? What's your experience with this?
Sahar Zolfaghari
Andrew Woodbury
Noren Rodriguez
Evgeniya Kuzina
Lori DeChellis
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Sometimes what I find difficult is saying no to people who are not in my niche but that I've been personally recommended to from previous students or other contacts.
Community Intro
Hi everyone! I'm Lori. I'm from the US, but I live in Peru where I teach online. I help adults improve their professional lives by feeling confident when they have conversations in English. I've been teaching 1-on-1 classes, but now I want to do other things - courses, workbooks, etc. I have two courses in the planning stages now about listening. I've followed LYE on and off, so I'm excited to see what the community here is like!
Andrew Woodbury
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Lori DeChellis
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I'm from the US, but I live and work in Peru, teaching business professionals that want to feel more comfortable conversing socially in English
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