I am ramping up! Check out my new website
I am back in Australia after enjoying a wonderful 3 months touring Italy and surrounding countries. (although it was so hot) so I know we have seen some decline but you will see a lot more of me in the future.
Kicking off my new website Will Stammers Design Leader
It's taken a lot of work, but I went live 3 days ago and landed on 3 core services:
1) Facilitation of Quick Wins - Short and Sharp and my favourite Design Sprint
2) Evolution of Services and Products - Service and Product Design
3) Digital and Product Transformation - Supporting Strategy & Advisory Services
If you have time, I would love you to check it out at https://www.willstammersdesignleader.com/
All feedback is welcome, and you can email me at wstammers@gmail.com
Some other areas of interest from the group:
1 - Pricing Strategy: I would also greatly appreciate any pricing strategies for the delivery of Facilitation. I do not want to deliver this at an hourly rate but as a package and price it as a get-your-feet-in-the-door proposition. I will mainly support Australia so any guidance would be most welcome. I think you had some guidance here, to that you shared after we just kicked off the club.
2 - Getting the message out there: I have started to write blog posts and launch them on LinkedIn to bring people to my site. Are there any other locations people have found to be successful?
Well hope this finds you well, and I look forward to your guidance, collaboration and most of all engaging with you fine people!
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