Facilitation and AI - ChatGPT is your new co-facilitator
I've been playing a lot with ChatGPT in the context of facilitation.
Check the overall conversation by opening the images in this post one by one! This stuff is mind-blowing!!!!!
Some conclusions:
✅ ChatGPT is wonderful for inspiration! Think of it as a co-facilitator
✅ You need to know what to ask! Problem framing and critical thinking are skills even more valuable in the age of AI
✅ The robot wont run the workshop for you ;) So the whole human element and real-time ability to adapt give facilitators even more value!
✅ I cannot wait to see the amazing abilities AI will give facilitators. One example is to use AI tools to quickly capture visually some exercises outputs without the need to be a great scribbler/sketch-noter.
You can try it out at chat.openai.com :)
How about you? What experiments have you been doing with AI and facilitation?
Joao Ribeiro
Facilitation and AI - ChatGPT is your new co-facilitator
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