Thought some of you reluctant to use AI might find this interesting?
This was an article I wrote for LinkedIn yesterday
which shows that even governments are starting to embrace the use of AI for chat bots but this is just the tip
of the iceberg.
Sumal to launch AI chatbot for Britons to pay taxes that's right
Artificial Intelligence is playing the taxman.
Imagine a future where fulfilling tax obligations and pension access is a chat away. UK's chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is molding this future with an AI chatbot.
Bringing AI into public services isn't new but signals a leap towards tech-savvy taxation. A chat with the bot, and Brits can swiftly clear their taxes and pensions.
Exploring further, the underlying development reveals this has potential personalised service without the need for staff interaction.
The AI chatbot, fed with your financial history, will serve customised recommendations and timely reminders. Bid farewell to 'one-size-fits-all' government services for good.
This is far beyond convenience, it's a revolution in public service interaction. It's making services accessible and user-friendly.
Data privacy and security concerns are inevitable but can be tackled with rigorous measures that are to be put in place. The journey to digital-first public service may be rough and won't be without problems, but the potential gains are huge.
So, what does this mean for professionals and your average tax-paying Britian? Is this the dawn of efficient, personalised government service?
If this excites you or you are considering using AI-powered chatbots in your own business, let's discuss.
Graham Waite
Thought some of you reluctant to use AI might find this interesting?
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