screw your plans - this is better 😝
You either love this time of year... Or you hate it.
Same with planning and goal setting.
Some of us LIVE for the thrill of the goal setting journal and day-by-day plans and tasks…
Then there’s the rest of us 😂
If you’d consider yourself an “utterly imperfect”, "change my mind 100 times a day", “go-with-the-flow” type of creator CEO… I have something for you!
I created it for myself because my brain does NOT cooperate with other people’s planning systems.
It’s a way to visually, VIBRANTLY plan out your year (and quarters, and months, etc) - so you can *see* your goals, revenue growth and plans all right in front of you!
It’s called Map Your Model - my signature annual and quarterly planning system specifically designed for creators, digital product peeps, coaches and CEOs!
​🎁 You can get your hands on the entire planning system party today as a gift when you join Monetize, my community & program for creators.
You get instant access to all the magic:
  • The printable workbooks!
  • The fancy pants Priority Matrix spreadsheet!
  • The step-by-step video walk-throughs and training!
  • The real-time recorded workshops taking clients through the process, so you can follow along!
I want you to settle in, get cozy, and have your own personal planning party - just you, me, your favorite tea and these life-changing templates and tools!
My clients have been using this process for years to reach their goals. I think you will love this process!
It’s the *fun* way to plan a strong foundation for 2024 🙂
Let me know your questions in the comments below! 👇
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