Q for Podcasters & Podcast Listeners & Multi-Passionates!
So, has a private AND a public podcast. I've been pondering a podcast for awhile, but now I actually finally have that feeling like I REALLY want to go for it. Just ordered a mic and everything! (It's coming Friday; If I weren't out of town that day, I'd be WAITING by the box, haha!)
I'd like to go ahead and record some episodes next week for BOTH. Just BOOM. GOOO! But... how do you decide on all the things? Which topics are private vs. public? How do you narrow down and name it?
I also am not a single-niche kinda gal...
  • I started a zero-waste organic food cooperative and have been called on as a green living expert by local papers, the Boston Globe, the New York Times, etc... So even though I'm not "famous" for it, I have a lot of eco insights and could see that being an important topic to bring in sometimes.
  • I've had a foodie business since 2008, teaching about raw food lifestyle. (Actually I used to own a restaurant, managed a restaurant group, and was the teaching chef at a raw food restaurant where we had TONS of regular classes. I'd fill up the whole restaurant with class participants! I love the food business, but I hate the waste. I got us composting where I was involved and connected with a reusables program for take-out...)
  • I build websites, and this is actually my main income, but my main WEBSITE is practically non-existent because I get so many clients from word of mouth. I do like talking about websites! And building them. I feel like I get the fun of launching a business, but someone else does the work. haha!
  • I've created dozens of online courses over the years and LOVE teaching. (I used to even be an English teacher for the Department of Education + later owned an English language school in Brazi. That was briefly, though, because then I was pregnant and came back to the USA!)
  • Did you guess that I'm "multi-passionate"? So there is THAT!
  • I'm really good at just GOING FOR THINGS and helping other women (primarily) to do the same. So it's funny, all of this comes together with a passion for helping women to birth and grow their SOUL Business. The business that's a calling, and you literally want to make the world a better place with it. You can see how it would help to solve a real problem that exists, and you dive in with your whole heart full of passion. Because I've started so many things and am good at both doing AND delegating, I can make things really simple. I don't do anything with it but bought the domain "Soul Business Doula" because that's how I see myself... like that woman who has been there and done that and knows how to make the birthing process less painful.
  • On that line, I thought of having "Soul Business" in the name, but I worry that could potentially be restrictive if I wanted to talk food. UNLESS! The conversations were about food in relation to a foodie business!! I LOVE anything through the light of Sacred Commerce!
I suppose I could also just... be, like, Live with Éva Raposa... which is funny because raw foods are also called LIVE (living foods). And then it goes where it goes. I'm totally OK with that!
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