Free Community Issue
Is there a way to hide my free Skool community from the Skool search?
I am getting so many unqualified people from the Skool website who are just trying to promote their stuff in the group and aren't joining because they are interested in participating. I get 20+ requests a day, and I kind of want the free community to be tailored to people who are in it to be a part of something and not to spam or get free stuff...
Because I don't want to assume and deny people...I added these people and they ended up not reading any of the rules and immediately posted about their business and how to contact them..
I don't want to deny people but it's frustrating to manage the group when so many spammy people are joining from the Skool search..
I did add a question that is where did you hear about the community that is one way to vet people...
I guess I could make it a paid community to avoid it altogether..has anyone else had this problem?
Lexi Cheng
Free Community Issue
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