Analytics for the win! {Fearless CEO Challenge, Day 5}
I'm working through the content for my raw foodie website (Uncooking101) and am SHOCKED by the difference of the weeks when I sent out a weekly email!
Earlier this year, I was putting in too many hours at the food cooperative where I'm the founding director, and I just didn't make the commitment to emails as usual. You can probably guess exactly which weeks I emailed! I mean, it's SHOCKING really!
I also analyzed last year's big days, and I can see that the posts with "top 10" recipes or themes, they got the most attention. Actually, those got about TRIPLE the website visits as a regular email with a single recipe! I mean, wow!
Meanwhile, I'm making bigger decisions about what I want to offer next, and there's a mix happening. There's the SOUL side -- what am I excited about? What do I feel drawn to offer? And then, how do those urges fit together with my short-, mid-, and long-term goals and direction?
As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I have to really pick a focus for each spurt to avoid burnout. So that's what I'm looking at today. ALL the micro pieces and then zoom zoom zooming out to the macrocosm of my full ecosystem of products, services, and connections. :)
Anyone else in here a hard-core multi-passionate? How do you pick your focus for the moment? (I know you are dear !!!)
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