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Website Search on ChatGPT 4.o vs Gemini
I asked both ChatGPT 4.o and Gemini (free version) about my website without giving it a URL by prompting "Tell me about Hydro Home Gardener" and here are the images I got from both. I'd say if Google uses Gemini for searches then they will have a problem. It is also a good way to find out if a model has accessed the website. The third one is from GPT 3.5 in an Incognito Browser.
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Website Search on ChatGPT 4.o vs Gemini
ChatGPT Can Help You Make More Money
I just uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel to show you how you can leverage ChatGPT 4o Vision to boost your website or landing page conversion rates. 🚀 🔗 Watch the video here: Use ChatGPT 4.0 to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate 📈 Video Highlights: • Step-by-Step Feedback: Learn how to get detailed, actionable feedback on your website. • Copywriting Tips: Discover how ChatGPT can help you craft compelling copy that converts. • Real-Life Example: Watch a practical demonstration of ChatGPT in action. Ultimately, if you can increase your website conversion rate by even 1% it can make a huge difference to your annual profits 💰 Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more content like this! Cheers Jason
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ChatGPT Can Help You Make More Money
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I did this and got back the image below plus a few general comments like use SEO, use Social Media and stuff. I'm guessing mine is ok.
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@Jason West I found that I could do the same type of thing by having GPT 4.o analyze one of my pages against the number 1 page for the keyword on Google. It gave me lots of info on how to catch the other page.
Fastbot + Zapier Integrations
I've successfully integrated Fastbot via Zapier to Facebook Messenger. It's pretty cool, and I have a client who needs it, so I was excited to try it out. Have you all been able to integrate Fastbot via Zapier with other Integrations? My next goal is to see if I can get Fastbot to read a Google Calendar to see if I have availability or if I'm busy. What other Fastbot / Zapier Integrations have you all tried?
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@Tony Baker I like that idea. I'd like to see if I could have one bot send different messages depending on where Zapier gets the message. Maybe add a certain Keyword when it is sent to Fastbots and train Fastbots to give certain answers depending on the keyword, or if @Jason West could do it have the Lead Form come up with certain keywords instead of # of questions. Well, I could also just order more Fastbots, I'm sure @Jason West would like that.
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@Michael Stevenson I'm hoping they integrate with Make or even n8n.
Using memory in ChatGPT+ to give different styles of writing...
I have several websites and have a different style of AI Writing in each one. I usually have to load the instructions along with the prompt. But now I have added the instructions to the memory and preceded each instructions with: "When writing for [type name in here] follow these instructions:" When I write an article I write: Please write an article for [type name in here] about [type subject in here] It seems to work giving me different types of articles with different voices.
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Yes, I just write "remember" in front of the prompt and it will say added to memory after it takes it.
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@Jeff Palad Here is what is in my memory: The user is interested in reviewing products, starting with hydroponics and aquaponics equipment. 1. The user prefers landscape images. 2. When writing for wp-ai-plugin please use these instructions: Write simplified but technical material. Use lists and pros and cons, use H1 for titles with H2 for sections and H3 for sub-sections. At the end of the article write the URL for the sources information was obtained from. 3. When writing articles, do not use colons in title or sections. 4. The user is working on the Hydro Home Gardener site and has a page at 5. The user has another page at 6. The site is targeted towards home gardeners using hydroponics, and the user wants to ensure the content resonates with them on a personal level. Here's what they need: Tone Adjustment: Shift the tone to be more conversational and friendly, as if you're talking to a friend. Use contractions, casual language, and inject a bit of humor where appropriate. Storytelling Elements: Introduce a short, relatable story or anecdote that illustrates the main point. This could be a customer's experience, a personal insight, or a hypothetical scenario that brings the topic to life. Emphasize Benefits: Transform any technical descriptions or features into benefits for the user. How does it improve their life? Why should it matter to them? Make sure this is clear and compelling. Include Questions: Sprinkle in rhetorical questions to engage the reader’s thought process and encourage them to reflect on how the information applies to them personally. Authentic Voice: Add elements that reflect the brand's personality or values. This could be a unique phrase, a commitment statement, or a reflection on feedback from our community. User-Generated Content: Suggest ways to incorporate user-generated content, such as testimonials or user stories, to build trust and community. Inviting Call to Action: End with a call to action that feels like an invitation rather than a demand. Make it clear, friendly, and linked to the benefit of responding content. Please research 3 SEO Optimized Long-Tailed Keywords and include at least 1 in the title, 2 in the headings, and all of them interspersed in the content a few times. Include Lists and Tables. Do NOT use a colon in the title or any headings. The user wants content to be written with a conversational and friendly tone, using storytelling elements, emphasizing benefits, including questions, maintaining an authentic voice, and incorporating user-generated content. The content should end with an inviting call to action and should include 3 SEO optimized long-tailed keywords interspersed throughout. Lists and tables should be included, and colons should not be used in the title or headings. 7. User requests summaries of websites, including Hydro Home Gardener.
New Model from Open AI - GPT4o - It's Awesome!
I just made a quick video to give you a rundown of the important information from Open AI's Spring Update! Biggest news is that we will shortly all have access to its new model, GPT4o which gives us a near realtime voice assistant that can see and hear. Check out the video here: Let me know your thoughts in the comments about this amazing new update from Open AI 👇 Jason
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New Model from Open AI - GPT4o - It's Awesome!
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@Tony Baker You have to remember that GPT 4.o is based on trained data that was Oct 2023. When I need something newer I give it a URL to review and tell it to base the article around those facts.
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@Jerry M Poole I used it and added those questions to my page. Thanks, it did good!
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